Students slam PQ over language proposal

Quebec opposition would prevent francophones from attending English CEGEPs


Students are slamming a Parti Quebecois proposal to prevent francophone and allophone students from attending English-language CEGEPs.

Michaël Lessard, a student union executive at Montreal’s Dawson College says the plan would unfairly punish students who already speak French, by preventing them from honing their English skills. Without English, students would find it difficult to pursue careers in “anything that touches politics or law or business or academics,” he told Canadian University Press. “That’s why I don’t understand the arguments, even from the nationalist point of view, you want Quebec to be able to talk with the rest of Canada or America.”

Currently, Quebec’s language laws, also known as bill 101, mandate that francophone and allophone students cannot attend English language primary and secondary schools. Evidently responding to a report released last month that showed nearly half of all students in English CEGEPS were either francophone or allophone, the PQ has proposed extending bill 101 to the CEGEP system.

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Students slam PQ over language proposal

  1. The goal of the PQ is not the primacy of french in Quebec but rather the exclusivity of French in Quebec. Of course, the PQ elite will be able to pay for private English lessons for their kids.

    I suspect that M. Lessard may be heading down the 401 after he finishes university if the PQ wins.

    Francophones need to speak up about this issue if access to English CEGEP’s is to remain.

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