Students strip for climate change -

Students strip for climate change

Protesters catch Guelph students and staff off guard during cafeteria strip routine


Students at the University of Guelph shed their clothing Wednesday to protest the Conservative government’s climate change policies. Specifically the students were objecting to Conservative Senators killing Bill C-311, an NDP sponsored bill that would have set firm targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 80 per cent below 1990 levels by 2050.

The legislation had been approved by the Commons, before being shelved by the Senate. The protesters caught students and staff in a university cafeteria off guard when music suddenly started playing and the activists began dancing on tables before stripping down to what appears to be underwear.

A video of the incident has been posted to You Tube.

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Students strip for climate change

  1. What a bunch if ill-informed idiotic a**holes they are, thinking that their near-nudity display can, and will, change the course of a natural earth cycle! A bunch of retards lacking even the basics of scientific knowledge and integrity. Guess they had nothing more exciting to do in their tiny little lives!

  2. Robin: No kidding… let the government do their job. We elected these people and if they want to throw out this bill…

    Oh, wait, the senate isn’t elected you say? And they rejected it even though it passed through the elected lower house?

    This isn’t so much about the climate bill (which is important in itself) as it is about unelected senators making crucial decisions on the direction of our country.

    Also, since you’re obviously a climate researcher and qualified to speak on the topic, what exactly in the “natural earth cycle” causes a spike in CO2 as shown in this picture, I’m quite curious how long this “cycle” is…

  3. @Robin- I wouldn’t say the students believe they can change the course of a ‘natural’ earth cycle and they are surely not ‘retarded’ as retarded means ‘to be held back’ and it is clear through their protest that nothing is holding them back. So you may have drastically misused the term in an offensive and loaded manner.

    I feel these students are raising awareness about a very important issue that has recently occurred within the Canadian government and have chosen to draw attention to the issue through creative and unconventional means. Climate Change legislation and any legislation for the matter is not the MOST interesting thing to be discussing at the dinner table but what is familiar to most people is humour and creativity and those are the tactics students have used to draw attention to important political issues. Furthermore they are using their actions to inspire others to be informed about politics and to exercise their democratic right to message their MPs and to voice their concerns about the government’s actions.

    They are asking citizens to hold the government accountable whether it be on climate change or other governmental issues that relate to the future of Canada. Now I would like to ask you what you have done lately to be politically involved?

    Did you make a political youtube video with over 10,000 hits? One which has been covered by the Globe and Mail, Macleans, Kitchener Record, Guelph Mercury and was recently on CBC’s Power and Politics with Evan Solomon? Oh wait, and the G&M article has gotten over 400 comments so far, wow these students really generated a discussion on the topic of Bill C-311! How retarded of them to take political action in a democratic country and spark a political discussion among their fellow Canadians to be aware and concerned about climate change legislation in Canada?

    Next, I will comment on your poor style of writing and rhetoric. If you can say these university students have “tiny little lives”, then surely you have never been a university student. This appropriate inference would mean that you are in a poor, or no, position to attack the scientific knowledge of these students because quite frankly you may have less. So let me ask you what scientific background or basic knowledge do you have that would make you more educated or aware of these university students? Also if you were very well educated you would be aware of how rude and inappropriate your comments towards these students are: “ill-informed idiotic a**holes” and a “bunch of retards”. I think those comments speak for themselves and clearly reflect your poor character, education and possibly “tiny little life”.

  4. Good on these students for getting politically involved and raising up a storm about the Climate Change Bill! It is definitely good to see young people involved. Keep up the good work guys and we’ll see what happens in Cancun next week!!

  5. I’m so happy to see young people getting involved and getting noticed!!!!! Way too many young people are just opting out of voting and exercising their political rights there days but clearly these students are showing a different side. We need more young people like this!!!!

  6. Why are they not dancing out in a public setting? Would that not do more to raise awareness?

    Oh, that’s right, it’s November and cold outside.

  7. This video is much better than the one where global warming terrorists, who are unable to tolerate disagreement, blow up people into bloody bits. I much prefer naughty bits intact.

  8. This is amazing! This action is showing that students do care and through this use of social media the audience has become much wider, including everyone on facebook connected to these students, those that surf youtube, and anyone on CBC or Macleans. Amazing! Good on you guys!

    Eh, Robin. I don’t know anyone that would have anything more exciting to do then dance around with a bunch of friends. We should all try it!

    ps. Guelph rocks!

  9. Kyle – great comment. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    The killing of Bill C-311 goes against the principles of our democracy. If the Conservative Senators felt the bill needed work they should have debated it (they didn’t) and sent it back the House of Commons for further study. On the other hand, the targets set in the bill were not picked out of a hat. They are scientifically supported. Climate Change is a very serious problem. We need to significantly cut down our greenhouse gas emissions while at the same time diversify our economy and make it more resilient. It is a tough problem but it also offers great opportunities foster new industries and green jobs. It requires great leadership to acknowledge the problem and offer a vision that inspires people to change.

    It’s too bad the Conservative government is squandering this extraordinary opportunity.

  10. Waiter! I’ll have what they’re having.

  11. Hey Cherly, thanks for the support and of course pointing to the fact that the emission targets are scientifically based. I feel many people tend to miss the point of how urgent this issue is and furthermore how much reliable science has been and continue to be conducted on the matter.

    Our government need to take climate action and they need to do it now.

  12. What a lame stunt.

    You kids don’t realize you’ve been duped. You will some day, meanwhile, contemplate the term “useful idiot.”

  13. Totally, Robin. How dare they do anything to fight for what they think is right. How idiotic.

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  15. Climate policy is about eugenics de-industrialization and neo-feudalism, grow up and face reality.

    Watch this and learn…don’t drool in front of the TV.

  16. Joel, the natural cycle (climate changing – warming, cooling etc etc) has nothing to do with CO2. Human CO2 emissions do not increase global temperatures and will not cause run away catastrophic global warming. There just is no proof ….

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