Students suspended for advocating strike

Quebec college bans behaviour that interferes with campus events


Two Quebec college students have been suspended for distributing anti-government pamphlets against tuition increases. Keena Grégoire and Simon Robitaille-Brisson, who attend College Bois de Boulogne in Ahuntsic, are barred from the campus this week for violating student conduct codes.

The students received a warning in March after they handed out pamphlets promoting a student strike. At the time new students were on the campus writing language competency exams, and the college prohibits behaviour that interferes with college organized events. Then in October the students were again handing out anti-tuition pamphlets during an open house.

A letter sent to the students in early November stated concerns regarding the “the negative impact your behaviour can have on the image of the college.”

As reported by the Montreal Gazette, civil rights lawyer Julius Grey is asking a Quebec judge to stay the suspensions and have them removed from the students’ records. “Their suspensions are absurd, a violation of their right to free speech,” he said.

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Students suspended for advocating strike

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