Students to get free ride to polls -

Students to get free ride to polls

Calgary man pays for Student Vote Bus


Calgary students will be getting a free ride to polling stations by a local man who is inspired by the vote mobs that have been sparked across the country. The Student Vote Bus will be shuttling students from the University of Calgary and Mount Royal University to Elections Canada Special Ballot stations in the city. The bus will run between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm throughout the week. Michael Wilson, who is paying for the bus himself, told Global News that “People have said to me that this is a very expensive thing for you to do, to run these buses, but when you compare it to what people are paying for democracy outside of Canada and throughout the world, this is nothing.” Similarly, students in Victoria have organized “shuttle mobs” to drive students to and from polling stations.

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Students to get free ride to polls

  1. Good to see students enthused about voting. Fortunately, I live a stone’s throw from the campus voting place.

    • Vancouver I mean, not Calgary.

  2. Way to go, Michael. Very cool thing to do.

  3. It’s too bad there was such low turn out for the bus – not out of apathy, but out of a lack of awareness. It appeared that the planning for this happened only a few days before it was set to go – and since students are in the middle of finals, there was next to no on-campus awareness of this opportunity. Great idea, but not the best execution of that idea.