Students worried about money -

Students worried about money

69% say they will graduate with debt


University students are worried about their finances, according to a TD Canada Trust survey released this week. The study found that 21 per cent of students were “stressed” about their finances, while another 36 per cent said they were “anxious.” Only ten per cent of students said their parents plan to pay for 75 per cent, or more, of the cost of their education, while 60 per cent expect their parents to pay for a quarter or less. While 26 per cent say they plan to take out student loans or lines of credit, 69 per cent project they will graduate with debt, and 17 per cent estimate that debt will be more than $.25,000. The study also found that students are unable to cover their costs, with 41 per cent saying more money goes out than comes in. A total of 1001 students, or recent graduates, between the ages of 18 and 24 were surveyed across the country.


Students worried about money

  1. University professors are worried about their finances, too.
    I would classify myself as “highly stressed” by the amount of money still owing on my own student loans.

  2. Only 21% are “stressed” about their finances? I must be hanging out in the wrong crowd. Where are these happy-go-lucky folks?

  3. It’s ironic that this article was posted today. On a whim, I googled “students worried about money,” to see if, indeed and as I am, any other students are worried.

    It’s difficult to be in higher education at this time, whether as a grad student or an undergrad. Although I save money and am conscious of how I spend it, I frequently worry about how to afford groceries and food. And with student loans, one can sometimes find himself or herself asking, “Do I buy groceries this week, or do I put this money toward my student loan payment?”

    Often parents cannot help ease the financial pressure, as they too feel it, and are trying their best to do what they can. Being middle class sometimes feels more like being the rope in a game of tug-a-war.

  4. I am:
    -stressed & anxious about finances
    -I will be in debt over $25 000…more like, $40 000. A mixture of a line of credit, osap & credit cards
    -my parents have not contributed to any cost of my education (they just scrape by themselves, could never ask them to help me out)

    Ohhh.. the joys of being a responsible adult- how will we ever pay this off, find a great job, have a car to get to that job, buy a house/rent apartment, feed ourselves, and all while not defaulting on our loans from missed payments…. also, while trying to build credit for our.. “adult lives”.