Tamil-Canadian student leader given “VIP tour” by rebels

Toronto computer science grad caught on film handling, firing guns at Tigers camp


sarachandranAccording to the National Post, a former president of the Canadian Tamil Students Association has been caught on film both handling and firing guns at a Tamil Tigers camp.

The photos feature Sathajhan Sarachandran, who is currently awaiting sentencing on terrorism charges in the United States, holding a machine gun and aiming a rifle as a group of men stand behind him.

In another photo, Sarachandran is aboard a ship that is carrying the flag of the rebels’ navy, the Sea Tigers.

RCMP officers apparently found the photos during a search of Sarachandran’s Scarborough home. The raid was conducted at the request of the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, which was investigating his involvement in a rebel arms smuggling ring.

The 29-year-old computer science student has pleaded guilty to supporting terrorism and conspiracy to buy surface-to-air missiles for the rebels, also known as the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. He is facing a possible life sentence at his Oct. 6 court date.

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Tamil-Canadian student leader given “VIP tour” by rebels

  1. This is what these tamil community/student leader have been doing for the past 20 years. The former liberal governments refused to proscribe the ltte as a terrorist organizationa and it led to huge increase of funding towards illegal arms procurement by the ltte. From Canada alone the annual collections was estimated to be between 12-50 millions USD. Fortunately the conservatives were wise enough to ban this terrorist group and shed some light into their extortion scheme. The real danger is the other organizations like Al-Qaeda may use the same techniques to collect funds and arms for attacks against Canadian citizens.

  2. ya. ya. SL govt made probaganda all over the world. but see what happend? now more than 30000 tamils killed and 300,000 in camps. if govt wiped out ltte why the ppl are still there? when ltte attack outside sri lanka. these ppl are crazy. like this they killed thousands of tamils. They are afraid of tamil tigers and telling. How many medias here are funded by Sri Lankan govt to write about tamils and tigers.

  3. Why do you think educated, young Tamil student leaders are trying to help LTTE to continue their struggle for freedom “for past 20 years”?
    Sri Lankan government’s monstrosity has killed many Tamil students in vain, and killed & tortured many more so far.