Teen reports sexual assault at huge graduation party

Police in Kamloops, B.C. seek photos, videos


Mounties in Kamloops, B.C., are investigating the alleged sexual assault of a teenager at a bush party attended by as many as 1,000 high school graduates.

Police say the 17-year-old girl became separated from her friends, was approached by a male she didn’t know and was taken into a wooded area where she was sexually assaulted on Tuesday night.

When the teen arrived home from the party, she told her parents what happened and they took her to hospital and called police.

RCMP Cpl. Cheryl Bush said the event strongly resembled other recent sexual assault cases in Canada where witnesses have photographs or videos of the incident and then posted them online.

“If you have photos of this incident you are now being told that it was a criminal act so you now know what you do with those photos could have implications down the road,” Bush told a news conference.

“We’re really asking the young citizens of Kamloops who may have participated in this event to be responsible and do the right thing, talk to your peers, come forward to the police and let’s not make this go any further than it already has.”

Bush said what police really want to prevent is any of these inappropriate photos or videos, if they exist, from going viral on the Internet.

RCMP had deployed extra resources to conduct road blocks leading into the bush party and liquor and drugs were seized before the grads went into the event.

Bush said the community as a whole has an important role to play in helping police with the investigation and supporting the victim rather an victimizing her further.

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Teen reports sexual assault at huge graduation party

  1. @ ANYONE who was at the party

    Do you have a sister? A female cousin? A mother? Think about it! If you have video on your phone and don’t turn it over to the RCMP, you are allowing this SICK cycle to continue and you forfeit your “right” to be outraged when it happens, however close to home it hits! Man Up!

    If your a young lady who took “Video” and did nothing to “help & protect” a sister, set your damaged conscious FREE! Contact the RCMP!

    Steven Baird
    Street Smart Kidz

    • Hello Parents
      I never expected the emails & calls we have received since we posted on this site oncampus.macleans.ca just over a hour ago. It’s wonderful to know there are so many dialed in, engaged parents out there! Everyone wants to know how to help this young lady and how to protect their own. Here’s our answer.

      Say a prayer for the young lady. Then sit your boy/boys down at the dinner table. Turn off the TV. Tell them “No MEANS No”! Tell them intoxicated girls should never be considered “easy” prey, or prey at all. Tell them a real MAN treats them as someone who should be protected! Get them home safe! The next morning, they should bring loud bells, air horns to disturb their hangover, then explain how lucky they were a “human” saved them from peril.

      Last but not least, chances are they will have a very precious, very beautiful daughter during their lives. Give them a one minute visual of being that little girls Father. Enough said!
      Steven Baird
      Street Smart Kidz

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