The “best student aid package in the country”

Newfoundland and Labrador eliminates interest on the provincial portion of student loans


The government of Newfoundland and Labrador has released its 2009 Budget. The budget, which has a $750 million deficit, makes a number of changes to student financial assistance that, according to the minister of education, provide for the “best student aid package in the country”. Spending initiatives that will impact the student pocketbook include:

  • a continuation of the tuition fee freeze at Memorial University of Newfoundland and the College of the North Atlantic;
  • an increase in up-front, non-repayable, needs-based grants from $70 to $80 per week of study; and
  • the elimination of interest on the provincial portion of student loans.


The “best student aid package in the country”

  1. Ironic that the Conservative premier is keeping the tuition freeze, while the NDP premier is scrapping his. Why is the richest man in Newfoundland more progressive than the only NDP premier in Canada?

  2. Does anybody know how this happened? This is great? Was the student union involved?

  3. A big part of it was the lobbying efforts of the provincial student organization. It collected over 12,000 signatures on a province-wide petition and presented these to the minister of education last week.

  4. Has anyone thought to ask whether or not Newfoundland actually has better rates of access than other parts of the country? Whether participation is actually more equal as a result of it?

    Or is that question just inconvenient?

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