The Charter right to use a credit card -

The Charter right to use a credit card

Kwantlen students no longer able to pay tuition with a credit card, student association prepares for court


Students at Kwantlen Polytechnic University will no longer be permitted to pay tuition using their credit card. For the university, it is simply a cost saving administrative change, with a portion of the savings in user fees ($250,000) being redirected towards scholarships and bursaries. For the Kwantlen Student Association (KSA) it is a matter of human rights.

International students will still be allowed to use their credit cards because they may not have access to banking options that allow tuition to be paid online, as domestics students do. That’s discrimination says Bradley Head KSA director of  academic affairs. A lawyer who Head consulted with told him that restricting credit card use by place of origin violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the B.C. Human Rights Act. If a solution cannot be negotiated with the university the KSA plans to take the issue to court as “a last resort.”


The Charter right to use a credit card

  1. I don’t think this is uncommon. This happened at Simon Fraser University over a year ago.

  2. I think that it is pretty ridiculous to argue that this is a human rights issue. “human rights” and “national security” seem to have become big excuses to take anything to court these days.

    The argument to allow international students to continue to pay with credit card makes perfect sense. They can’t pay with interac, their banking systems are completely different, and foreign money orders and cheques take much longer to process.

    While I think that Kwantlen is justified in their reasoning, a little more notice would have been nice as some students are probably in a panic now over how to pay.

  3. Whatever the legal argument, I’m glad somebody is trying to do something about this. Not being able to use credit cards to pay tuition–or anything else at a university–is both ludicrous and ridiculously inconvenient.

    Universities are always harping about how so many students are “not ready for university.” This is one of those examples where universities prove that they are neither ready for nor worthy of students who are ready for university. Those who are ready for university expect the university to live up to the same standards of professionalism and customer service that they likely been held to in life. The cost of accepting credit cards is the cost of doing business. Universities should suck it up.

  4. Really, the legal thing has been blown out of proportion. We were developing a bunch of tactics on this issue, and someone at some point said “let’s run it by the lawyer”. He said we had a case. It should have been a footnote to the story, but somehow the local paper got wind of it before the press release. We got calls the day before it went out asking about the legal aspect. There is really no reason it needs to come to that.