The Ontarion covers the CFS referendums


The University of Guelph student newspaper, The Ontarion, did a nice job covering recent CFS membership referendums.

Their article, Fractured Federation, is creating a buzz within the circles of student politics.

It follows a similar article in The Manitoban earlier in the week.

A couple of student papers have been asking the question which is on everyone’s mind: who paid for all the CFS campaigners to fly to British Columbia? Who paid for their meals and accommodation? Why can’t anyone seem to give a straight answer to the question?


The Ontarion covers the CFS referendums

  1. If leaders of the organization are lying about their whereabouts to the students media, we can infer that there’s something genuinely dishonest about what they’re up to.

  2. Frankly the anti-CFS folks should be chomping at the bit in the hopes of being sued. In lawsuits discovery goes both ways. Can you imagine the gold mine you would get if the CFS was required to open up its files prior to and during discovery? It would be worth every penny the SFU (or other) student body had to spend to defend themselves…and it isn’t as if they wouldn’t have the resources. If they redirected their collected CFS fees to the legal defence fund they would have more than enough cash to fight the lawsuit effectively.

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