This is how a student newspaper beats me

By simply providing raw information…


At the recent annual conference in Saskatoon, I repeatingly told the student press they can easily beat me (and every other reporter) to stories on their campus.

In the case of myself, student newspapers have better location, more resources, and are not limited in how they deliver information on the Internet. Most importantly, “beating” doesn’t mean have a fully composed and edited piece; it means providing accurate information to your readership.

Last night, the Schulich School of Business student newpaper The Insider did exactly this. It posted a letter from their Dean informing students classes would resume Monday.

This information was up long before my story appeared. It was actually up before I even knew there was a story.


This is how a student newspaper beats me

  1. Coleman,

    You’re exactly right. Schulich business students, which includes those who run the Insider, got an e-mail from Deszo Horvath announcing the return to school on Monday, before you did.

    You’re absolutely right. I guess they took your advice.

    Oh wait. Horvath actually communicated *directly* with the Insider. Oh, right!