Three strikes and I’m out

Ryerson profs threaten to walk out on their unruly students


Two engineering professors at Ryerson University have had enough of their unruly first-year students. After enduring weeks of disruptions from music playing laptops, constant talking and even a few paper airplanes, Robert Gossage and Andrew McWilliams are threatening to walk out on their classes.

In a posting on a university website, the two professors announced that they will be employing a “three strike” policy for their first-year chemistry courses. “After three warnings the professor would walk out and it would be up to students to learn the rest of the lecture material on their own,” the Eyeopener reported. Gossage and McWilliams also pledged to raise the difficulty of exam questions because “the class appeared to know the material well enough so as not to listen during lecture.”

Student conduct officer, Mickey Cirak, said the professors would be advised to address the problem in a more conventional way. “The approaches that can be used range anywhere from speaking to the entire class, to putting expectations on the syllabus all the way to taking action with individual students and filing a formal complaint,” he said.


Three strikes and I’m out

  1. Way to Huffington Post this article, Maclean’s. Your one-word link to the original paper is kind, but since you’ve actually told the entire story there’s no point.

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  3. Why aren’t these dumb-ass students asked to leave the class? Why do the profs go? But one has to admit, the “casual” attitude of many students is frightening unprofessional and disrespectful these days: they openly surf the net in class, check they email messages, eat, do texting, yawn, talk to each other, keep their caps on, wander in late, and don’t even take notes. What are they even doing at university?

  4. I have been dealing with Ryerson on the issue for the better part of this (Fall 2010) Semester. There is no policy that requires professors to ask those making the disturbance to leave. Most profs just try to ignore it, even after repeated requests to do something. You could complain to the chair of the department your for your kids major, but most classes are probably not under the jurisdiction. The provost will tell you that this is normal and nothing will be done about it. Here we have a professor punishing the whole class for something he himself refuses to do, namely asking those unruly students to leave the class. He could even ask for their I.D. That would scare the little sh-ts.

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