Time to cut journal jargon


From CTV News:

The time has come for scientific journals to dump the academic jargon and replace it with clear language the general population can understand, contends an editorial in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

Dr. Noni MacDonald and Globe and Mail health reporter André Picard argue that with the Internet, the general public, politicians and news media are now reading the journals and studies that used to be reserved for academics. Websites such as CTV.ca regularly provide links to studies on medical journal websites so readers can assess the data themselves.

But because the language in those studies is often so confusing, many are misinterpreting what they read.

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Time to cut journal jargon

  1. Dumbing down the precision of technical jargon in writings by professionals for other professionals in any field is, well, dumb.

    Answer: stop non-professionals from reading your professional content. Or go back to Latin. Then only you doctors and priests could misinterpret it.

    Just think what you doctors might do after reading Welders Weekly! Gotta stop that now. Murphy’s law and all. Light the fire torchy thing carefully. Very carefully. Use a long match.

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