To begin

Join me in my self-indulgence


My name is Scaachi Koul. Don’t give me that look, I didn’t pick it.

I’m entering my second year of journalism at Ryerson University in Toronto, but I was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. My skin is a distinct brown colour, meaning I am a prime candidate for minority scholarships and Caucasian guilt.

For the past few years, I’ve enjoyed working as a freelance writer and am proving to be one of the finest writers of my generation.


I offer news, opinion, story-telling and personal failures. It’s often appalling, but I look forward to alienating you, kind reader, in due time.

You are welcome.


To begin

  1. I am already appalled and offended upon a number of levels. Consider me alienated.

  2. You are either a foe, or my target readership, Bagels.

  3. My guilt is far beyond that of caucasian there kiddo. Glad to see that you’re moving up in the world towards McLeans.

  4. Kudos on your first alienation.
    When will you start ripping on former teachers?
    If it helps, I’m Irish so there’s plenty of fodder there already.
    But congrats on the Maclean’s thing. Tell Van how to spell it.