Tories refuse to debate at U of W


The Conservatives have designated the University of Winninpeg a “no fly zone” and refused to take part in an all candidates debate held at the downtown institution on Monday.

From the CBC:

When organizer David Jacks of the Canadian Federation of Students sought another Conservative party candidate in Daodu’s place, he was shocked at the e-mail he received in response. The party would not be sending a representative, the brief e-mail said, adding: “This one is a no fly zone.”

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Tories refuse to debate at U of W

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  2. Everyone knows at this point that conservatives are doing a “target market” type of campaigning. (I’m not saying the other parties don’t do it, maybe just not in such an obvious manner.)

    However I wonder why they would think the university campuses are giving them so little votes that it’s not important to attend. Not showing up at a debate basically means everyone else will bash on you with no chance for you to reply.

    Also, I remember we organized a all-candidates forum in Ottawa in January 2006, and were successful in attracting a large number of community members as well as students (because the debate on campus was held in the evening and it was the best advertised public debate in the riding). Added to potential media coverage, these debates on campus can attract more than just students.

  3. I will just add that the Tories participated in two all candidates debates at the University of Manitoba. Last week was the debate for Winnipeg South, the riding where the U of M is situtated, where the incumbent is a Tory, Rod Bruinooge.

    This week, was Winnipeg South Centre where the incumbent is Liberal Anita Neville, but the Tories are thought to have a decent shot at unseating her.

    This would lend credibility to Philippe’s argument that they are taking a targeted approach to campaigning, as the two candidates that participated in the U of M debates are in ridings both with a high population of students, as well as a good chance of either staying or going Tory.

    Winnipeg Centre where the University of Winnipeg is located is very firmly NDP. No one even came close to Pat Martin in the last election.

    I probably should have gone to the debates at the U of M and blogged about it, but, alas, I was in class…

  4. Carson, your argument doesn’t quite make sense. Yes, Winnipeg Centre is probably a safe riding for Pat Martin, but where else is Kenny Daodu, the local candidate, going to get votes? Other ridings? All of the other candidates showed up to the other debates. The Greens and NDP showed up to the debates at the U of M even though they are running a distant 3rd and 4th in those ridings. In addition, both Rod Bruinooge and Thomas Steen in Transcona are blowing off debates, even though Bruinooge is the incumbent and some people still think Steen can win.

    Also, what seems kinda fishy to me is that the Conservatives are saying that they didn’t show up to the debate because they didn’t have the details, yet the NDP candidate at the debate Bruinooge showed up to told me she only got the debate topics at 9:00 or 10:00 the night before. Why did Bruinooge show up to the St. Paul’s College debate without any information, then refuse to show up to the Mantioban/UMSU debate because he lacks information? Or did he get more information before the NDP candidate? Was this debate fair, or was it organized to the benefit of Bruinooge?

  5. The St Paul’s debate where Bruinooge showed up was for Winnipeg South, where he is the incumbent. The Toban/UMSU debate was for Winnipeg South Centre. Trevor Kennerd who is the Tory candidate for that riding showed up.

  6. Are we talking about the same debate? Because the ad for the Sept. 30 Toban/UMSU one is still up on the Toban website and it clearly says Winnipeg South (the one Bruinooge skipped).

  7. Actually, you are right. The Manitoban had initially tried to plan a South Centre debate, but that fell through.

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