Toronto frat drug bust nets $125,000+

Two fraternity members arrested on drug and weapons charges


A famous fraternity’s University of Toronto chapter was embarrassed last Friday when police seized $126,000 in cocaine, magic mushrooms, and ketamine (or Special K), an anesthetic used in date-rape drugs.

As reported in the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, and CBC, police raided the Delta Kappa Epsilon’s Alpha Phi house at 157 St. George St. in downtown Toronto. Two members of the frat Wasseem Malleye, 29, and Yong Park, 21 face charges for possession and trafficking. Malleye was also charged with weapons-related offences, according to the Star.

The Globe reported that two men cleaning up outside the frat house denied that Malleye and Park were also members. But David Easlick, the executive director of the fraternity’s international headquarters in Ann Arbor, Mich., said that the arrested men are members — and the police confirmed that Malleye is a U of T alumnus and Park is a student at the school.

One kilogram of ketamine and over 300 grams of cocaine were recovered by police, according to the CBC.


Toronto frat drug bust nets $125,000+

  1. This in an inaccurate article. Two NON-fraternity members found sweeping up the porch at the DKE house said Wasseem and Shin were not part of the frat. Get your facts straight before you publicly post something that isn’t true, you idiot.

  2. From the Globe & Mail:

    “However, Mr. Easlick confirmed the two accused are members of Delta Kappa Epsilon, saying they are in the fraternity’s database.”

    Mr. Easlick is the Executive Director of the Frat. I’ll take his word over two guys sweeping on the porch.

    It was a nice try, but it’s time for your trip on the S.S. Failboat.

    Enjoy the ride.

  3. Since when is Ketamine a date rape drug???
    That would be GHB dude. Research before writing.

    K is an anaesthetic fr animal surgery used as a recreational party drug.