Toronto school board considers paying students -

Toronto school board considers paying students

Poverty reduction program would reward students for academic, social work


The Toronto District School Board is considering paying students to attend class as part of an anti-poverty initiative. So far, it’s not clear what kind of program the public school board is studying—only that it’s looking at the idea that students could be promised “some kind of financial benefit… to help you with your basic needs,” according to a TDSB official, and that the funding for such a program would have to come from “community partners.” Similar experiments in the U.S. have met with mixed results: in New York, students who were given $50 for doing well on a series of tests didn’t perform any better; however, elsewhere, students’ reading scores improved after they were promised a flat $2 fee for every book they read.

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Toronto school board considers paying students

  1. I think a combination of incentives would work best – like regular deposits to stored-value cards: from grocery clothing/shoe stores for the parents, and school cafeterias & clothing/shoe stores for the kids; vouchers for sporting & cultural events for both. Make them photo-i.d. cards so they aren’t transferable, hopefully preventing most being traded for cash. Do not make them general cash-deposit or transferable cards that may be used for undesirable outcomes.