Toronto Sun: 'Education premier' goes AWOL -

Toronto Sun: ‘Education premier’ goes AWOL


The Toronto Sun, in its Thursday editorial, called on the Ontario government to act to end the York strike that will soon enter its seventh week.

The Sun points out that the government was willing to sit extra hours in the legislature two Christmas holidays ago to pass a 25% pay raise for themselves, but isn’t willing to delay its Christmas vacation to return 50,000 York students to the classroom.


Toronto Sun: ‘Education premier’ goes AWOL

  1. Dear Sir,
    My son is student of schulich school of business 3rd year. We realy regret choosing schulich school of business which is part of York U.And what we are waiting since 6 nov.2008 that that classes will get back normal but never happend and there is no head and tail for this labour strike till now and no budy knows when its going to finish. Due to this strike all undergrade student put on hold over 40 days.Many of us have made sacrifices, taken loans, put careers on hold to go back to school and moved half way across the country to study at York. This is all real life that cannot be put on hold for indefinite number of weeks. Please do not have us regret choosing York as our preferred university and start looking into transfer and withdrawal options.
    We send our son/daughter to university to study, and are paying tuition in exchange for receiving education in their chosen fields. This strike is more than an inconvenience, it is a breach of contract between students and university caused by the current labour dispute. Such conflicts should not be allowed to interfere with student education, and in the same spirit that Schulich are continuing their graduate program teaching, so why not BBA student are allowed for classes why why if we are paying tuition fee to York U in much advance then how come our son/daughter are not getting their education.

    I seems like we have no other option remaining except to go for a class action lawsuit against York University for taking away the right of education from the students. York University is committing a major breach on their contract, Please these student are future of Canada and this is my request to all respected media print & electronic both please only your community can save the future for 50000 york student to get back them in class.just putting little focus regarding this cupe strike and huge demond of greedy striker which they are getting over 60 $ an hrs and they want more than that otherwise they will not let the classes open .And our plitician they dont bother for 50000 student.I spoke to york authority regarding this but no one is able to reply any thing its seems to we are handcuffed to get our son and daughter in yourk U and pay them money in advance. Sir Iam more educated than Cupe and now Iam getting only
    12 $ an hrs and Iam runing faimily taking loan for our son/daughter for study but Ihave no complain to my employer becouse now big slump
    world wide .Lotoff people loosing their job.But Cupe striker they want luxury life without work.