Universities crack down on rowdy dorms

Thousands of dollars in damage after parties at U of T and Ryerson


Students in one Ryerson University residence may be held collectively responsible for damage incurred at an out-of-control party last month. The university was stuck with a $4,000 cleaning bill, that included clearing broken glass and deep cleaning vomit from carpets, after the Feb 2 party on the sixth floor of Pitman Hall.

Student housing manager Chad Nuttall says that bill may be charged collectively to all students on the floor and that guest privileges may also be limited or revoked. “We’re really hoping that people come forward with information so that we can assign the bill to the appropriate people,” he told the Canadian Press.

Similary, the University of Toronto closed down the common room in St. Hilda’s residence after a party that also took place in early February. Student Suzie Marchelewicz, told the Canadian Press that five bathroom windows and a hall mirror were damaged, as well as a bathroom door. “I was kind of annoyed — they’re not the ones who end up paying for it because they usually don’t get caught,” she said.

One Ryerson student attributes the damage to students reacting to oppressive rules in residence. “People learn more if they’re supported by the environment they’re in instead of policed,” the student said.

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Universities crack down on rowdy dorms

  1. So, according to the logic of the unnamed Ryerson student, because of oppressive residence rules, puking in residential hallways and smashing glass in public areas is justifiable adult behaviour? Wow, way to stick it to the man! First the oppressive police tactics at the G8, and now the tyrannical ‘res’ association. When will the cruel treatment of spoiled rich brats, who get loaded on a Wednesday on their parents dime, come an end? Just let me know when we are going to storm the ‘caf’ in protest of meatloaf Mondays.

  2. This is why 17 year olds shouldn’t go to university. Parents, send them out into the world first. Then after they grow up a bit, let them choose to go to school.

  3. Actually, lots of students do victory lap, come back and go buck wild when they turn 19 in residence because hey… whats more fun than not having to use your fake anymore?

  4. As a resident of Pitman Hall Floor 6 I can tell you that there is a great deal of misinformation about the events of the night of February 2nd. First of all the facts given in this particular story combine information from several disturbances over the course of weeks, not a single night. Another gross misconception is the total for damages given by the university. The four thousand dollar bill they attribute to floor six alone is actually the total for cleaning on several other floors that also caused damage on the night of February 2nd.

    My point is simply this: I don’t disagree with the fact that Pitman Floor Six is rowdy. We are. It’s part of the charm of living in residence that you meet all kinds, get to make friends with the most unlikely of people, and do generally idiotic things with them, usually causing property damage or becoming a public nuisance. It’s what we do. I just wish they would get the facts straight about us.

  5. You guys want to know a joke? Women’s rights.

  6. To the concerned pitman 6 resident, I too am a member of your floor and the facts are indeed skewed.

  7. stfu alex

  8. Rye High: I said let them go to university AFTER they grow up a bit. That isn’t necessarily a number, but a mentality. Your 19 year olds that go “buck wild” don’t deserve the education that they are getting.

  9. @Concerned”…usually causing property damage or becoming a public nuisance. It’s what we do.”

    It shouldn’t be, and it doesn’t have to be. I lived in res and we never caused property damage or expense to the school. If you want people to treat you fairly, you have to treat them fairly.

  10. I remember not too long ago people went to university to get an education, as opposed to “causing property damage or becoming a public nuisance. It’s what we do.” Seriously? You are an embarrassment to your cohorts, and as for crying about the $4000 clean up bill, don’t fret, mommy and daddy will likely bail you out.

  11. The media always blows things out of proportion. So you guys can believe what you want to believe, but don’t rely to heavily on the information that you get through the ‘news’.

    It’s unfair to say that students don’t deserve an education. The majority of the individuals that were involved with this incident are actually really hard workers when it comes to getting an education, they just like to have some fun on the side.

    PS. They are not making us floor 6 residents pay for the damage. They just warned us. So far, everyone has been responsible and hasn’t caused any more disturbances…not that that is any of your business.

  12. I was actually at Ryerson as a guest on a couple of nights when it’s gotten rowdy and it’s pretty typical. That is not to say the same thing happens at my school, because I’ve never seen anything like that, but it doesn’t mean they don’t deserve an education or that their parents will bail them out. I think you are making a fairly broad (and unfair) assumption that everyone that goes there parties and doesn’t deserve to get an education. Also, a fair number of people at ryerson that I personally know went back on victory lap and are 19. You also need to look at their environment, – living downtown Toronto is a lot different than a typical university town like Guelph, Waterloo or London. The students who did the damage SHOULD pay for it, but not everyone should be punished. As usual, the media has skewed the facts and people jump to conclusions.

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