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U.K. clamps down on international students

Fingerprinting in place, landlord checks proposed


Oxford University

In Canada, international students put up with higher tuition, face language and cultural barriers, and often suffer from homesickness.

In the U.K., they now have it even harder. At least two English universities are fingerprinting international students to make sure they attend lectures, reports Times Higher Education.

“The universities of Sunderland and Ulster have installed biometric monitoring systems on satellite campuses not used by British students, a move condemned by the National Union of StudentsRuth Davison, student relations and compliance manager at Sunderland, said the system had been installed because the site was “entirely international” and the Home Office required that all attendance be monitored. … The fingerprint data would be destroyed after students left the university, Ms Davison added. She also said that the students were “really comfortable” about fingerprinting and the London campus’ student council was happy with the system.”

The universities are fingerprinting because the government now requires them to make sure those enrolled are actually studying and not using students visas to work illegally in Britain.

But biometrics is only the beginning. A proposed immigration bill would require landlords to check the immigration status of potential tenants. It’s reasonable to assume that many won’t want to be bothered with the added bureaucracy making it even harder for newcomers to find shelter.


U.K. clamps down on international students

  1. Actually I don’t think that is a half bad idea.

    During my undergrad there were so many international students (I was in BC after all) around that were never present it was ridiculous. What I mean is they would seldom show up to classes, and when they did they could not even speak english – a prerequisite to be here. I witnessed at least once per semester in each class the instructor ask an international student a question, who would reply with a nod and stare at the floor unable to understand what was said.

    Of course this is a generalization but overall they seemed just to be here to buy a Canadian degree and live off of their family’s wealth. Did you really think some kid from a slum could actually afford to travel here and pay the tuition? Nope, all silver spoon children.

    It is about time we be far more stringent on who we let in as an international student and what they actually do while they are our guests.

  2. You have this important topic and the best you can pump out is a 123 article Mr. Dehaas (not including the huge statement you included). Can Maclean’s please find someone who would be able to give us a little more depth on this topic..I’ll settle for 500 words even. Journalists everywhere, right what you know about.