Manitoba president says prof harassed student -

Manitoba president says prof harassed student

Prof. protested awarding of PhD to student who failed twice


David Barnard, president of the University of Manitoba, told a Winnipeg arbitrator Monday that math professor Gábor Lukács was “harassing” a student by repeatedly dissemintating personal health details about him, reports the Winnipeg Free Press. But Lukács continues to argue that he was justifiably protesting the fact that the student, whose name is protected by the tribunal, was awarded a PhD in math despite having twice failed the required exams. Lukács alleged then, as he does now, that the student was abusing the school’s policy of accommodating students with disabilities by faking “extreme anxiety.” John Doering, the Dean of Graduate Studies, had accepted the student’s condition as a valid reason for not requiring him to pass the exams. The student was awarded the doctorate. That caused Lukács to file an application with a Manitoba court asking for a reversal of the dean’s decision and an affirmation that the dean had no authority to resolve the issue without consulting a committee of academics. It was then that Barnard asked U of M’s board of governors to suspend Lukács without pay for three months, which they did, beginning in the fall. Arbitration continues. Read more coverage of the case here.

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Manitoba president says prof harassed student

  1. How ignorant can the President of the University of Manitoba be? His actions/descision to allow a student that cannot complete their schooling properly due to a “medical condition” (btw i think i need to see a doctor for i was just thinking about the potential steps in life i will have to take to succeeed and a wave of Extreme Anxiety hit me) I know(as someone who has visited a hospitol at least once in my life) that when i am being looked after in a moment were lets say i have an large open wound on my leg the doctor i allow to help me wont be the one curled up in the corner shaking violently from the fast-paced environment that he cannot handle. i think many will agree with me.
    For the pres. of this university to allow this student to pass is like saying the education system is a joke. theres no need for capable people in highly important roles anymore. so lets watch the world burn…….or make a change and get this president sent to a committee to decide wether or not he is capable of leading our future of educated individuals that will help our world , not treat the world like its Jenga( just pulled out the peace )

  2. The blog misses a very important point. Earlier in the arbitration hearing, the Dean of Science of the U of M had admitted that it was Dr. Lukacs who took care to shield the name of the student. Others in their e-mail had let out the students name and his/her medical condition. The Dean also admitted that only Lukacs was disciplined and nobody else was disciplined. This is a gross travesty of justice. President Bernard’s statement that Lukacs was insubordinate just means that Lukacs will not stay quiet when the University Administration asked him to forget about the issue. President Bernard’s statement strikes at the root of the academic freedom.