U of O professors accuse Tories of witchhunt

Mendes and Attaran’s personal information is anonymously requested


Two professors at the University of Ottawa, Errol Mendes and Amir Attaran, are wondering if federal Conservatives are behind access to information requests for their employment, expense, and teaching records. Both Mendes and Attaran have in the past been vocal critics of the Conservative government and have both been accused of being Liberal sympathizers. “I started thinking, my God, this is a McCarthy-like attempt to politically intimidate both of us,” Mendes said of the request for his professional records. Attaran echoed Mendes’ concern, saying “I have a feeling it’s political.” The identity of the party who made the request remains anonymous under Ontario’s freedom-of-information laws, under which anyone can make a request for information from government bodies by paying $5 and filling out a form, without needing to give a reason for the request. Fred DeLorey, a spokesman for the Conservative Party denied any involvement from the government.

SOURCE: Toronto Star

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U of O professors accuse Tories of witchhunt

  1. Let me see if I understand. It’s ok for wikileaks to publish confidential info on anything and anyone, but not ok to request professional records of professors?

  2. I do not think the issue is publication. It is that the Government of the day is accessing information about one of its citizens because that citizen has criticized the policies of the Government. In a democratic country we do not expect our government to spy on us for political reasons. Would you think it okay for the party you dislike to access your information to try to discredit you? I think our leaders should concentrate on governing not on trying to silence its citizens through intimidation–that’s what the old russians did.

  3. Professors are in a unique position of authority. The line between educator and political activist evaporated a long time ago. A legal look at what they might be up to is fair game when power and politics is on the line.

    Sticking your neck out for the sole purpose of being noticed and making a difference then crying when the smear team is going through your garbage.

    Amateurs uncomfortable in their own political skin.

    It isnt just one witch hunt. its two. How dare you question me while Im busy questioning you.

    Its political.. LOL

  4. John: Comparing the power of a professor to that of a highly placed politician is laughable, and “political activist” and “politician” are entirely different things. Since you have no issue with trying to discredit a non-politician, please post your full name and address. I – and I’m sure others – disagree with your brand of political activism, and would like to filter your internet traffic and “go through your garbage” to see what I might find.
    Arturolexo: No one mentioned Wikileaks – make your case about the article or don’t bother.

  5. This shoehorns in with Harpers treason acts gather up the names of the ones who might be a impediment to the takeover of Canada’s sovereignty.

    Typical Jackboot Neo Con Politics.

    Vote ABC.

  6. John – You’re assertions are ridiculous to say the least. To equate a law professor who takes a stand on legal issues with as an activist is spurious at best and you obviously choose to forget or ignore the fact this government has tried to discredit everyone who has disagreed with them, even their own appointees.
    A legal look into their activities is fair game? Would that same assertion of yours hold true and be applicable to a government who seeks at every opportunity to hide information, cover it up under the veil of national security, or block and delay FOI requests for as long as they can or preferably altogether?
    Politics and power as far as I’m concerned deal with issues, not ad hominem attacks which this government uses far too frequently to deflect from the issues.

  7. I’m sure if the feds wanted info on these two clowns, they wouldn’t be lining up to pay five bucks for it. Never knew there were so many paranoid people in Canada.

  8. It would be interesting to do an access to information request of all information requests made by PMO in these cases. I always thought good politics was about the merits of the ideas, not the people proposing the idea. Digging for dirt on a critic, instead of addressing their criticism, is troubling. Can we not return to debating the merits of the issues? Or am I being to idealistic?


    There’s not one shred of proof or piece of evidence, just speculation.

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