U of T students petition against the military

Administration asked to ban recruiters from campus


A petition is circulating among University of Toronto students to convince the administration to ban military recruiters from the campus. So far the petition has around 300 signatures. “We are continuing to collect signatures on the petition and we’re meeting with the administration as well,” graduate student and one of the anti-military organizers, Daniel Vandervoort, told Canadian University Press. “Canadian military is not just your run-of-the-mill employer . . . This is an organization that trains people to kill and to fight wars.” On Feb 2, Vandervoort and PhD student Jacob Nerenberg, led a protest of 30 people against Department of National Defence recruiters who were on the campus to discuss policy analyst jobs with students. The activists are also encouraging students to protest against a talk today to be given by Brigadier-General Jonathan Vance. A Canadian Forces spokesman said they don’t recruit at universities unless invited.

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U of T students petition against the military

  1. So…in these protestors’ attempts to remove CF speakers and recruiters from the U of T campus, they’re essentially limiting the thousands of other students’ Freedom of Thought…as well as the Freedom of Expression of the DND organization. Or am I missing something?

  2. Now only if a small group of students contacted UTSU and said they didn’t like the CFS recruiting on campus…

  3. Canadian Forces is a lot more than just training people for the possibility of war.
    Different branches, different career opportunities, etc.

  4. The CF is a respectable military group in comparison to all the other nations of the world. As a member i know we are trained to NOT kill at all costs, and to preserve as much life as possible. Killing is a last resort in defence. If we are attacked with a small wepon, we are instructed to use non-lethal force to neutralize the situation. Some people are idiots. I think however these protestors do need to be shot. The are a national embarassment, out military needs to be supported. Last i checked, people VOLUNTEER to join the CF ????

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