The irony of BC’s slashed education programs

Funding cuts were announced by Moira Stilwell, UBC faculty member


Irony of ironies: The BC government’s $16 million worth of funding cuts to a slew of financial assistance programs was announced by newly minted Minister of Advanced Education Moira Stilwell, herself a faculty member at UBC (though now on indefinite leave, obviously).

This is the second straight year in which the Liberal Campbell government has slashed post-secondary education funding for the upcoming year without any advance warning to those being affected. Last year, it caused plenty of last minute scrambling for universities, and this year, it’s students who have been suckered-punched her. Because really, communication is sooo overrated. Little wonder why one prominent post-secondary education advocate has referred to the government’s handling of this file as “a spiralling helldive of disaster“.


The irony of BC’s slashed education programs

  1. 1. That would be Moira (not Moria) Stillwell.

    2. Is “slashed” a reasonable term for a $16 million cut to a $2.2 billion budget?

  2. It’s a $16 million cut to the $116 million student financial aid budget. About 13.8%. Sounds like that could be called a slash.

    See page 20 of this document:

    for info on what the budget was before the cut.

  3. I keep wondering why the public keep voting for them when they continue to cut budgets on vital services without even bothering to give a warning. It’s like universities have as much importance as a gnat to the minister.