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UBC student union considers building slide

Student says slide would be more eco-friendly


The University of British Columbia’s student union is studying the feasibility of a slide to connect up to five floors of their new Student Union Building. Mike Silley, VP of administration for the Alma Mater Society (AMS) says that the goal is not only to make the building more fun, but also to make it more eco-friendly. “Each elevator costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to implement and that doesn’t even include the energy costs of running it,” Silley told the Ubyssey newspaper, saying the slide would reduce the need for elevators. He also says it would draw tourists to student-owned business. “They could come to the Museum of Anthropology [on campus] and then they say hey there’s a slide in the Student Union Building. Let’s take our kids to check it out. Meantime [they] have some Pie R Squared Pizza,” he says. Other examples of buildings with slides for adults include the Google headquarters in California and the Corus Entertainment building in Toronto.

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UBC student union considers building slide

  1. Silley also made it clear he was being tongue-in-cheek about the eco benefits of the slide. It would be for fun before anything else.

  2. While I appreciate the creativity of doing something different for people moving and the attraction of unique concepts, I hope that the students take into consideration that not everyone is able-bodied to use a slide and therefore does not diminish the need for elevators.

    Elevators are part of universal access for not only individuals with mobility issues, but for those transporting items and their little ones in a baby stroller.