UBC charged students multiple times

Roughly 530 affected


Roughly 530 students at the University of British Columbia were billed two or three times for housing, tuition or other fees in December due to a glitch in the school’s electronic funds transfer system. More than $2.1 million was mistakenly scooped from accounts, UBC officials told The Ubyssey. Payments made between Dec. 23 and 28 were processed multiple times by a third-party company called BeanStream. UBC says duplicate payments will be credited back to student’s accounts and BeanStream will reimburse students for insufficient funds charges and overdraft fees.


UBC charged students multiple times

  1. UBC should handle this better, they chose to use BeanStream not the students. Therefore all refunds should be dealt with by UBC directly (though UBC could and should turn around and go after BeanStream where appropriate).

    Students should get more than just the excess of the payment back plus any insufficient funds charges and overdraft fees. What about the inconvenience of the situation. For example what about those students who live off campus and needed money available to pay their rent. Such a punitive fee would encourage UBC to be more careful about who they outsource to.

    • David is the perfect example of someone always having their hand out for something. Mistakes happen. You don’t get punitive damages because you may have been “inconvenienced”. Go see if a bank will give you punitive damages after making a mistake. Give me a break.

      • Hmmm….David is American but Scott is Canadian.
        David wants perhaps too much, but Scott just sits there and takes it.
        UBC should send the money back and take charge of the situation.
        Personally if I were one of these students and UBC tried to “pass the buck”,
        I would just go to Brock Hall, get in the lineup, and not leave until the problem was resolved.

        Perhaps this is something for the Ombudsman’s office?

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