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UBC will consider Grade 11 marks this year

Lack of report cards had caused anxiety


UBC Vancouver’s senate confirmed Wednesday that they will allow the university to make admissions decisions partly based on Grade 11 marks. B.C. teachers haven’t given out traditional report cards this year as a form of protest, which caused anxiety for B.C applicants.

The plan is for B.C. students to be assessed twice. UBC will consider final confirmed grades to date, including final Grade 11 and completed Grade 12 courses, and make some offers in April. Then in May, when official Grade 12 marks come from the ministry, they’ll make more offers.

What UBC won’t do is allow students to self-report grades given by teachers in lieu of official report cards. They also stress that no student will be rejected based on Grade 11 marks.


UBC will consider Grade 11 marks this year

  1. Sounds like a step in the right direction with no outright rejection based on the grade 11 marks. I know that many high-school students are deathly afraid of their first courses on a university transcript. In Ontario I recall students being afraid to take summer courses for grade 11 courses because they believed Universities made those count less.

  2. I don’t think it is fair to all students as you can’t suddenly change your admission policy. Also students can get their 1st term marks from teachers written down on the paper with signature. What’s wrong for using that.

    • To be honest I think this is just a plan for UBC to weed out most BC students. I’m sure most people didn’t try as hard as they could have in gr. 11 since they knew it wouldn’t count towards university admission. UBC’s doing this on purpose so they can reject more BC applicants therefore leaving room for foreign applicants since the tuition fees for FOBS are much higher than the ones for students from canada. Therefore UBC gets more $. It’s the same concept with the freaking personal profiles they newly created this year; foreign applicants don’t need to do them all they do is flash their credit cards and they’re in.

      In short, UBC is full of cunning, greedy little $#^&@!.