UVic plans to ‘cull’ rabbits on campus

Aims to create ‘rabbit-free zone’ around the university by trapping and euthanizing the animals


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UVic plans to ‘cull’ rabbits on campus

  1. As a UVic student, I LOVE this.

    Seriously, though, it’s past time that UVic culls the rabbits. Having a few rabbits on campus is nice but the current population is totally out of control and is destroying the vegetation. The rabbits are not “wildlife,” they are abandoned pets. Kelowna used one sharpshooter to successfully clean up their rabbit problem in 2008, UVic should follow suit.

  2. Rabbits? I’ll take rabbits over the Canada Geese at Waterloo. At least rabbits don’t attack.

  3. Seriously though, we’re concerned about rabbits when they wouldn’t even harm a fly?

    I’d be more worried about the people that don’t do their ‘homework’, before acquiring a pet!

  4. I agree about rabbits over geese. Stanley Park! Lovely walking through the geese poop.

    Rabbit stew. Yummy!

    If it has to be done. Feed the poor. Send the rabbits to local soup kitchens.

  5. Yes, do your home work before buying rabbits. This whole issue is sad and could have been prevented if someone had not dumped their pet rabbits at UVic many years ago. I just saw two small rabbits about a few weeks old that look half alive. I don’t know where the mother is or why they are out in the semi-open. I work at UVic and it’s sad to see the rabbits suffer. I agree that there is a problem but to think about little baby rabbits being killed is not easy to accept.

  6. This is absolutely ridiculous. They’re rabbits – they’re not harming anyone at all. To think that you have the right to euthanize [harmless] animals is bogus and highly pompous. Animals have rights, too. Yes, they’re ALIVE – they eat and defecate and breathe – GASP! Walk AROUND them. Humans are destroying the planet and no one is euthanizing us.

  7. How ’bout trapping and sterilizing them like that university in the States?

  8. Ivy B is clearly a retard. I wrote ignoramus at first, but went back and corrected myself. These animals are out of control and are having awful impacts on the environment they are in. Their demise is far past due.

    Trapping and sterilizing them would be incredibly expensive. If you want to pay for that or raise the money, that’s fine with me, but I will voluntarily club, poison, boot, or cut in half rabbits for free (not in general, just these ones).

  9. I do not give much for Scott’s future as a journalist, given his lack of vocabulary comprehension. Scott, I will save a seat for you in my next beginner level writing class. You will be with your friend and fellow rabbit exterminator Tom Smith, from Facilities Management at UVic, who has trouble spelling. As an English instructor I feel it is my duty to point out your incorrect usage of the word “euthanise” or “euthanize” as they say south of the border. Euthanise/euthanize means mercy killing, when an individual is suffering pain that cannot be alleviated, caused by a condition for which no treatment is possible. The rabbits at the University of Victoria are not being euthanised, they are being cruelly exterminated by a so-called “institution of higher learning” which appears unable to apply lessons learned in primary school. As one second-grader exclaimed about President David Turpin, “You’re a meanie.” Another primary student asked “Why aren’t they spaying and neutering them like we did with our cats?” Indeed, we are hearing wisdom from the mouths of babes…and denials and misinformation from the UVic administration. Humane, non-lethal, economical, and sustainable population control programs are being put forward by the community. Recently veterinarian Nick Shaw reiterated his offer to vasectomize the entire male (rabbit) population on campus, and rabbit rescue groups have for years been offering to spay and neuter and rehome the friendly animals. Long Beach College in California has an on-campus sterilization and adoption center run entirely by volunteers, and Kelowna, Vernon, and Calgary have all adopted humane non-lethal population control programs. The university has ignored or rebuffed all offers, instead preferring to kill the animals, a violation of the will of the community and the principles of environmental leadership they claim to hold. People ask me “why are they targeting the rabbits?” and I say “Why are they targeting a homeless man and a disabled student?” What do all these individuals have in common? They are easy targets for a misanthropic bully, and they all should enjoy the protection and understanding of the university according to its stated principles of inclusion and environmental leadership. Instead, the university evicted Peter the Philosopher from the grounds, took disabled student Alkis Gerdson to court to attempt to evict him from student housing, and now it is systematically exterminating the campus rabbits. Who I ask you is next?

  10. The only survival mechanism rabbits have is through breeding. What do you think is going to happen when their population is threatened? The cull is going to create a bunny baby boom. Do you know that the pregnancy period for bunnies is only 28 days? You think the problem is bad now, it will just be a lot worse after the cull. There’s no way a cull can achieve long term population control.

    Read my blog post here

  11. Psst..Roslyn, I think that you may have missed the joke. Remember that little song that we sang in kindergarten about the old woman who swallowed a spider, and so on? It’s sort of like that.

    Great cartoon, Scott!

  12. Clearly Roslyn Cassells needs to get a life.Looks like she is drowning in her own boring, arrogant little life and can’t find anything else better to do than attacking a really funny “Cartoon”. That’s right…it’s a Cartoon…and it’s funny.
    Maybe Roslyn should look up the meaning of the words “Satire” and “Humor”.
    That’s right..boring people don’t like SNL type humor.
    Scott that was great! We people who do have a life and aren’t jerks got the joke and loved it!
    p.s. In case your wondering Roslyn SNL stands for Saturday…. Night…. Live……

  13. Roslyn,

    Thank you so much for the lesson on the word “euthanize/euthanise”.

    Being the superior (and sadly, humourless) human being that you are I’m sure you’re familiar with this word:

    Main Entry: nit–pick·ing
    Pronunciation: ˈnit-ˌpi-kiŋ
    Function: noun
    Etymology: 1nit

    Date: 1956
    : minute and usually unjustified criticism

    I could be wrong, and if so I’m sure you’ll let me know, but I think Scott’s cartoon cleverly pokes fun at how inappropriate and ridiculous the solution to the rabbit population issue seems. It occurs to me that your time may be better spent tormenting your students rather than those of us in the general population.

  14. You’re right, Sam, that my cartoon is actually making fun of how ridiculous the situation is, and is not about supporting the rabbit cull.

    As for the use of the word ‘euthanizing’: I didn’t come up with it. It’s a quote. And when quoting a person, headline, etc, you’re actually supposed to, well, quote the person or headline exactly. In other words, cut and paste. If you actually follow the links I provided under the cartoon, you’ll see that the word was used by both Academica’s Top Ten and the CBC (and yes, they spelled it the same way I did).

    What’s unfortunate here is that someone could have used their obvious passion and knowledge about an issue (an issue that perhaps many of us haven’t given enough thought to) to raise awareness and educate the rest of us. Instead, they used it as a platform for a personal attack. What’s more important to you, Rosalyn: to attack people who you think are on the opposite side of the issue, or bringing your side of the issue to light and creating a discussion on a national platform? Your message, unfortunately, has been lost.

    I guess the message of my cartoon obviously wasn’t as clear as I’d have liked. But that doesn’t excuse you from taking this opportunity to attack me, or anyone else, instead of using the opportunity Maclean’s offers you to forward the issue.

  15. @Joanne: This is exactly what I love to see- someone making the effort to share some of their knowledge and passion about an issue with the rest of us. Thanks for taking the time to provide a link. I didn’t know that a cull can possibly make the problem even worse.

  16. @ DMM: Thanks! I’m glad you liked it. Or more importantly, I’m happy and relieved that you ‘got’ it. Of course, now I’ve got that song about the old lady swallowing a spider stuck in my head…

  17. Rosalyn, I’m glad you took the time to display to the world your wonderful accomplishment of being an “English Instructor”. I would now like to extend an offer for you to attend my class; I run a seminar on how to remove ones own foot from their mouth.

  18. Why not use bunny-control pills?

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