UVSS endorses ‘no’ side in CFS referendum

Vote takes place March 29-31


The University of Victoria Students’ Society will be officially encouraging students to vote against the Canadian Federation of Students in an upcoming referendum. Although the UVSS has battled in court with the CFS, and won, over the right to hold a vote on whether to leave the organization, it has until now remained officially neutral.

According to the Martlet, the motion was moved by director-at-large Karina Sangha who said, “Basically it allows the UVSS to take a public stance on the CFS issue . . . I know that there’s been problems on the UVSS not maintaining neutrality, but given the fact that the CFS has been so disrespectful to the UVSS in the past few months and over the years, I feel like this was necessary.” Sangha also said that “The CFS will be bombarding campus with the ‘yes’ side.” Recently, the students’ union at Comosum College voted to commit an unspecified level of funding towards campaigning for the Federation during the Victoria referendum.

While nine UVSS directors voted to endorse leaving the CFS, five abstained while four voted against the motion. The referendum is scheduled for March 29-31.

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UVSS endorses ‘no’ side in CFS referendum

  1. People (the directors) can be on the “no” side as individuals, but as elected representatives, and officers of an organization representing students, it is innappropriate to take an official “no” stance.

    What a shame.

  2. As a student I expect my elected student leaders to give their opinion. They are elected by us, know more about the situation, and are supposed to represent the best interests of not only the students, but the organization as a whole.
    CFS has a history of bombarding a campus with ‘volunteers’, free swag, and mis-information in order to get students to vote in favour of staying with them.

  3. I think it’s really interesting. If the UVSS did agree and wanted to endorse the yes side, you’d probably be crying foul that they’ve overstepped their power and should resign.

    The fact of the matter is, by choosing to endorse the “no” side, they are saying that the students that they represent are going to vote no. That’s unfair. If it’s a true referendum, let the students decide for themselves, instead of predetermining the outcome.

    I don’t care about the sides to be honest, I just think, as in other cfs referenda, it’s better for the actual organization to stay neutral.

    And, like I said, the actual individuals could ALL go and endorse the no side if they want.

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