UWindsor president’s contract revealed

He gets a car but it can’t be an import


The University of Windsor is the latest university to release its presidential contract. Not much to report in it. The president, who just took office on Tuesday, gets less than a year in “retirement allowance” and a few other perks.

The contract is only eight pages long and can be read in its entirety on the UWindsor website.

Some of the perks include:

  • The lease of a car which must be manufactured by one of the big three. (Windsor is an automotive town)
  • A laptop and printer for his use as president. (He may purchase these items for 15% less than their market value when he retires)
  • A PDA phone for his use as president. (Likely a blackberry – He may purchase this item for 15% less than market value when he retires)
  • Membership in the Windsor Club
  • $20,000 in moving expenses from his previous residence in Guelph. (If reasonable expenses exceeded this amount, the contract states the overage would be in the form of a “forgiveable loan to the President by the University”
  • The president’s residence with eight hours of housekeeping a week.

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UWindsor president’s contract revealed

  1. Why are people suddenly so interested in contracts for university presidents? There doesn’t seem to be anything really exceptional about them from what I can see.

  2. ABarlow, it is because McMaster University fought a legal battle for two years to try to squelch the release of Peter George’s contract, even though by law it was supposed to be available to the public.
    When it was finally released, the red flag in it was a payout of $99,999/yr for 14 years, which is just $1 short of the amount which would require it to be disclosed in each of those 14 years. It raises the question of whether the Board of Governors and Peter George were purposely trying to hide this money from the public.

    The Hamilton Spec asked other universities to release theirs, presumably to compare to McMasters, but so far no red flags have appeared in the others and none are quite as generous overall as McMaster’s.

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