UWindsor support staff vote for strike

CUPE concerned over an increase in contract workers


Support staff at the University of Windsor voted in support of a strike mandate on Sunday. Ninety-three per cent of custodians, housekeepers, and food service workers, cast their ballots in favour of given the union bargaining team the authority to call a work stoppage if an agreement with the university cannot be reached. Dave Montgomery, president of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, local 1001, said that the dispute centres on the university’s increasing reliance on contract workers. CUPE has requested a conciliator intervene in negotiations.

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UWindsor support staff vote for strike

  1. They’re hiring contract workers because you stike… you strike because they hire contract workers… Public Unions should be illegal!

  2. Student is right. This union will be the death of all workers. It is happening on my campus as well. They executive members are poorly trained and the union is brainwashing them.

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