Video: Student president arrested -

Video: Student president arrested

Seamus Wolfe and Marc Kelly’s arrest caught on camera.


On Tuesday afternoon the student president of the University of Ottawa, Seamus Wolfe, and student Marc Kelly were arrested on campus. Immediately below is the first part of the video, captured by student Joseph Hickey. It shows the arrest of Marc Kelly. Below that is part two which shows the arrest of Seamus Wolfe.


Video: Student president arrested

  1. Funny how there’s always a video camera following this guy. It would seem that he’s looking to provoke people and catch it all on tape.

    Where’s Bob Saget when you need him. This could be Ottawa U’s funniest home video.

    The president looks like a yappy little chihuahua. He’d make a great WWE character with the fake dive while being handcuffed.

  2. Now I know what happens when you call a cop “f*ck face”.

    I don’t necessary condone/support the arrest of Shamus here, although he should have known better than to cross that line.

    I’m more interested in knowing more about that student who was arrested for trespassing. Technically if he stepped one foot on a peice of property owned by the University of Ottawa he could have been arrested – if in fact he was asked not to return to the school.

    What precipitated the events with Marc Kelly that lead to all of this? What is his appeal about? Who did piss off at that University that has the power to have him arrested for trespassing? I think that these are the more interesting questions that need to be asked.

  3. @Richard – Marc Kelly obtained employment as President (of uottawa) Allan Rock’s aide, and then used that position to spy on him and feed confidential documents that MAY (as in it’s still sketchy) have shown financial misconduct at the level of the president’s office to Rock’s detractors.

    Wolfe went to jail for swearing. Obviously it’s not smart to provoke a cop, but for Christ’s sake, if that’s not an abuse of power, I don’t know what is.

  4. I had rice for breakfast today.

  5. Really?
    I had chicken wings from last night..this morning.

    I beat you. ha

  6. I wonder what Seamus and Marc for breakfast in jail.

    I love justice.

  7. You don’t need a search warrant incident to arrest. You don’t need a warrant to arrest if the officer observes an offense being committed (i.e. trespass to property). Just because you have a lease doesn’t mean you own anything. SFUO may be the legal occupiers of the office but not of the property 2 blocks in all directions.

    SFUO Prez needs to sort out his law before he makes an ass out of himself.

  8. If you lease property you don’t own it.

  9. If you lease property, you generally have the legal right to access it.

  10. So, trespassing after being banned from private property and refusing to leave that property is cause for arrest. duh.
    Creating a disturbance by swearing is cause for arrest. duh.
    These people seem to know everything about legal occupancy under leasing and little of basic common law.

    Fight the good fight, but do it like an adult, not some whiny teenager making a scene and harassing the officers who uphold our law. Use the media, off-campus appearances and meetings with appeals representatives to fix the problem and deliver your message. Because the police have better things to do than to debate tenancy laws and cause for arrest, and that’s not what we pay them for.

  11. Seamus Wolfe is such an arrogant little uniformed twerp…I love listening to those two douchebags try to use really big, intelligent, sounding words…man if these two idiots are a good representation of the student body of the U of O that is one very large, spoiled, group of entitled whiners.

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