Violence continues in British tuition battle -

Violence continues in British tuition battle

At least 19 people have been injured


Student protests against a proposal to triple tuition fees in Britain have once again turned violent. Some 20,000 students descended on London as Parliament was debating legislation that would see tuition rise from 3,000 pounds to 9,000 pounds ($14,000) in preparation for a vote later today. “Protesters hurled flares, sticks, snooker balls and paint balls at officers as they attempted to break through metal barriers outside the Houses of Parliament,” the Telegraph reported. At least 19 people have been injured, including three police officers, and six who were hospitalized.

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Violence continues in British tuition battle

  1. Violence is terrible, but what is reported on less is the violence of the Police. I have friends partaking in the protest and the treatment of some peaceful protestors is horrendous. Charging at young girls on horseback, pulling a disabled protestor out of his wheelchair and (in the occupations) stopping protestors from getting food or going to the toilets are just some of the tactics they have told me about. It’s disgraceful. It’s an abuse of authority and is not acceptable.
    The violent protestors are not in the right, but they are frustrated and upset by the terrible news. It is the job of the officers to restore peace, but their tactics are questionable at best.

  2. At least these students don’t live in the United States, where our tuitions are higher, our healthcare outrageously expensive, and where the general population couldn’t point out Guatemala on a globe if our lives depended on it. We Americans are a bunch of tossers. Be thankful every day that you have it better than we do.

  3. The behavior of these protesters were disgusting. The country is in turmoil, our NHS is going down the drain, half of the country is out of work… and we’re complaining because we have to pay more for education? it was inevitable. Isn’t it time we had a little perspective?

    also I wrote an article on how the rise in fees will really affect the pubiic, it should hopefully make people a little more sensible in their actions: