Violent arrest of Western student causes controversy -

Violent arrest of Western student causes controversy

School officials defend London, Ont. police and campus security after 22-year-old student punched numerous times


A video posted on the Internet showing the violent arrest of a student at the University of Western Ontario is stirring controversy at the school.

School officials are defending the actions of London police and campus security in the arrest of the 22-year-old student, who was punched by officers numerous times.

The video, posted on YouTube, shows the student being held down by at least five officers as he is punched repeatedly in the hallway of a campus building Wednesday.

Director of campus police Elgin Austen says the student led officers on a chase through the building and people viewing the video alone may get the wrong impression.

He says the student was violent and out of control and the use of force was justified.

The student, who Austen described as about 6 foot 2 and more than 200 pounds, was taken to hospital for observation and then released into police custody.

Irnes Zeljkovic has been charged with mischief under $5000, assaulting a peace officer, resisting arrest and escaping custody.

– The Canadian Press


Violent arrest of Western student causes controversy

  1. In my opinion the force used by the police officers was quite excessive. In consideration of the fact that the suspect was disoriented, unarmed and barely had much coordination in terms of his motor skills. 6 officers on top of one guy, who was clearly well under control and subdued earlier in the process, goes to show there was some abuse of power and autority that took place. Even though it might be unclear to a lot of the spectators from this video alone, as to what the student did prior to arrest is in my mind of little relevance when it comes to determining whether the force used against him was reasonable. In all fairness, the amount of force used to should be proportionate to the danger he poses i.e. is he armed or excessively violent versus just resistant in a more passive way. If its just a matter of getting him to be handcuffed, I see there to be no real need for “repeated” blows and kneeing.

  2. Every report states that Irnes is 6 foot 2 he is actually 5 foot 7 five foot 8 tops. Sounds like they are trying to justify the excessive behavior of the cops.

  3. Shame on the police for trying to prevent the University of Western Ontario from being added to the long list of North American universities where murders have occurred: Ecole Polytechnique, Dawson, Cncordia, Virginia Tech etc etc etc. I know no more about what led up to this scene than the other commenators. They are ready to condemn, and in the case of B.HAZE, execute the police for their reaction.

  4. As you watch the video several times, you can see ernis not even moving, But all the officers just beating on him.irnes wasnt even moving or fighting back and swinging his arms,Officers are only suppose to use so much force to to keep some one at rest,I see him quite and laying there at the beginning of the rumble,This was EXTREME OVER FORCE of the beating officers,Not a good thing for the officers and security guards because i would lay heavy charges for being beaten assaulted and hurt.Hitting on the back of the neck and Lowerr back is completely a negative in court or to any lawyers,You can be paralized after this situation.Irnes Zeljkovic sue them godd !!!

  5. This type of thing happens all the time. I go to U of Guelph and have seen officers using excessive force to arrest intoxicated students. The only reason this situation made news was because it was caught on tape. What happened to being innocent until proven guilty? Isn’t it up to the courts to administer the punishment? Cause it appears the police officers feel they should administer the punishment by beating this man.

  6. I would be curious to hear what the toxicology reports say about alcohol or drugs? What if this man had a psychotic episode? What if a relative, friend or even you had a “break with reality”? Would you want yourself or them taken down in this fashion? Mental health issues are SO poorly understood, acknowledged or discussed in this country.I hope his family took pictures as the bruises must be horrendous. It is excessive force in my books…for sure!!!

  7. Shame on the University for taking this guy’s tuition fees and then condoning his beating.

  8. I go to Guelph and have worked in the residence buildings. I am thankful that the police know how to properly exercise force and can take on a 6’6 240pd football student who is drunk and attacking innocent students around him. We all seem to forget that if people didn’t put themselves into situations that require a police presence, there never would be any issues!

    Fun fact, did you know that in the last 15 years of policing this campus, the University of Guelph police have never had to use pepper spray and have only used their asps once? That’s a pretty solid record, considering when I did Military Police training and reserving, we had to use our asps constantly. I’m happy the police are there when we need them and know how to handle hostile situations.