Virginia university sends false acceptance emails

University apologizes to 2,000 applicants


Christopher Newport University, in Virginia, accidentally sent emails to 2,000 prospective students informing them that they had been accepted into the university. Sent around 2:30 pm on Wednesday, the emails, titled “Welcome to CNU!,” were retracted with apologies by the evening. Acceptance letters received in the mail are still valid. The mistake was the result of human error.

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Virginia university sends false acceptance emails

  1. My son recieved one of these emails.. The college counselor at his high school tried calling CNU and they had turned off their phones. No calls were being taken. By just saying Human Error is not acceptable. I am sure many students were celebrating their acceptance only to have it ripped from them a few hours later. The email apology was very generic and said to disregard the acceptance email. I hope the Responsible Human who made the Error is properly repremanded or even suspended from their duties since they set so many young people up.

  2. Gil, I am so glad that you are perfect and have never made a mistake. Or is it possible you have never been in a position of authority or power where one wrong keystroke creates a big mess?

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