Voter turnout up at SFUO


The SFUO reports a 27.2 per cent voter turnout in student elections at the University of Ottawa. This is a massive improvement in turnout at the University and should assist the union in lobbying local government.

The union is looking for transit improves and an universal bus pass program.

Seamus Wolfe won the SFUO presidency with 2735 votes. Runner-up Renaud-Philippe Garner had 2293 votes, and third place was taken by Tyler Steeves with 1986 votes.


Voter turnout up at SFUO

  1. 27.2% represents more than the last two SFUO elections… combined.

    Full results can be found on iwillvote.ca

  2. I have to say that I’m more proud of our 60.4% voter turn out over here at St. FX. If 27.2% is an accomplishment for Ottawa U, then there is much work to be done in the future.

  3. Come on.

    We had a ten day campaign. You had a five week campaign.

    Give me five weeks and I’d get you 100%.

  4. Ottawa U made a statement that they would crush X in voter turn out and “would make us hide after the results came in”. Don’t write a check that your ass can obviously not cash. X has a student body that is engaged and can not be touched by any other school in Canada, it’s ridiculous for them to come at X with such confidence and be defeated so embarrassingly.

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