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Wallin steps down as UGuelph chancellor

Senator too busy to keep university post


Pamela Wallin has stepped down as chancellor of the University of Guelph, due to her growing responsibilities as a senator. Wallin, who was appointed chancellor in 2007, was named to the senate in 2008, said, in a statement released by the university, that her time at Guelph “has been one of the most rewarding experiences” of her life. President Alistair Sumerlee called Wallin a “valued friend and champion of the University of Guelph.” Wallin sits on several senate committees and has assumed the chair of the National Security and Defence Committee.

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Wallin steps down as UGuelph chancellor

  1. It would be more accurate to say that the “responsibilities as a senator” are the *declared* reason; you have not yourself verified this claim made in the University’s press release. Another possible reason is her increased prominence as an apologist for environmentally disastrous tarsands oil extraction.

  2. I know the guy above. He’s from Guelph, and yes, he’s a dick.

    On a lighter note, perhaps Guelph can take the opportunity to search for another suitable candidate in her place. I nominate Jack Granatstein!