Waterloo wars over leaked logos

  1. Emphasis should not be put on the school logo, rather the academic programs to promote credibility and academic excellence. This logo does not represent the school’s characteristics (how so with coloured lines, I ask?) nor does it represented academic programs. It’s quite frankly, an embarrassment to a school that upholds a high level of undergrad and grad programs.

  2. For clarification, the “new” crest logo is not new at all. It is used as the seal on degrees even while the version without the circle is the marketing logo. It is only the marketing logo, used for everything else, that is being changed to the laser tag W.

    And it’s not only students who are unhappy. Some alumni have already threatened to withhold donations unless the lasers are scrapped.

  3. I never would have guessed the lines represented the different faculties. I’d have to agree with this quote found on the fb group:

    “What disturbs me somewhat is putting unnecessary focus on branding, something more befitting of a commercial product-oriented establishment (Sears, GE, …etc.) rather than an institution of higher learning such as UW.” -Engineering Professor

    But in the end, I think what the University DOES to PROVE itself to be ‘unconventional, collaborative, connected, innovative etc.’ will prevail over what the University does to LOOK like that. As crappy as the design may be, if Waterloo builds itself in those characteristics listed, the way the logo is interpreted by peers will not be that of a ‘commercial product-oriented establisment’.

  4. So what faculties are represented in this pic? [img]http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3215/2286397731_30e8aee1b7.jpg?v=1203809650[/img]

  5. I’m a UW student and I agree that the logo is horrible. And its not just the disgusting-ness of the logo we are protesting. It’s partly the fact that a major re-branding effort did not include a representative sample of the stakeholders, quite obviously, since we nearly all hate it. That they don’t give a damn enough about the thousands of students and alumni and faculty that have a stake here is very upsetting. This logo is also upsetting because its just one more little thing in a long series of events where the university has failed to listen to us (See: Dubai, beavers, frosh week, exam schedules, etc.) and its starting to push us over the edge.

  6. As a Waterloo student, I don’t care what our logo looks like. And since those 8000 petitioners make up roughly a third of our student population, I’ll assume I have the support of a two-thirds silent majority.

  7. Bob,
    You have to consider that this logo was leaked during the summer term where more than half of the student population is NOT on campus and might not be aware of the issue. Judging from the group comments, it looks like most of them are on campus, who saw the banners around Ring Road and heard about it in class. Also, not everyone has Facebook, so not everyone can or will join the group. There is a student/alumni group that is FOR the logo, which has about 300 students, which is about 1% of the population… and if math has taught me anything 33% is much larger than 1%.

  8. Harout,

    Yes, you are right that the crest design meant for diplomas, etc., is not brand new. However, if you compare it to the old standard (sans circle design) crest used previously for marketing (and according to Beckel in the bulletin) it has been “tinkered” with — mainly the lion’s tails.

    Thank you for bringing up the point that it’s not just current students who are upset.

    Also to Bob and Yen and anyone who is curious in the exact enrollment numbers:

    8,000 is about a third of total undergrad enrollment according to the most recent statistics, but this doesn’t take into account grad and alumni students who may be for or opposed.

  9. First, let me be clear: whether they reject the change or not, I do not care. I have no feeling one way or the other. What I’m hoping, though, is that people share my view and also not care. That is, I don’t care about the change, but I care that people do not care about the change, too.

    Second, I would be very surprised if graduate students and alumni cared enough to sign this petition. The former, I hope, have evolved enough not to care about something so trivial, and the latter, most of whom probably don’t even contribute donations to the university, probably aren’t even aware.

    Third, and this is the most hilarious part, is the difference between the collective outrage about such a superficial thing, and broad apathy afflicting student elections. If there’s one thing students should be legitimately worried about and can actually affect, it’s student government, not a design no one but these bizarre kids cares about.

  10. To emphasize point three, I’d bet that a voter turnout of 33% would go into the Guinness Book of World Records as the highest percentage turnout in undergrad student election history.

    Actually, this gives me an idea! If I translate our student government policies into marketing logos, maybe the students will come out and protest and make petitions and vote, and I’ll get to be on the evening news!

  11. In today’s world, branding is the public face of the university. The university would not have spent tens of thousands of dollars on “something so trivial”. If you look past the comical mockeries of the new logo the deeper issue is the “collaborative” and “connected” aspects of what University of Waterloo students and faculty identify with. Any overhaul of that identity, regardless of the graphic quality of a logo, should involve those to whom it matters – 1/3 of any population is significant enough to warrant reconsideration. I agree that other issues like student council voting warrant significant attention – but lets not be so narrow minded about current issues that people feel passionately about.

  12. the new logo is contemporary and compliments toady’s design trend. but a good logo should last for a long time without looking outdated. This new logo will become extremely outdated in 5 to 10 years. The old logo is classic. it is instantly recognized as a university logo. Sometimes conventions are because they make the thinking process easier for people.

  13. While I agree that the aesthetic appeal of a university’s logo is a significant factor in any prospective student’s decision to matriculate–

    –Oh, wait, no I don’t, because that’s ridiculous!

    People can feel strongly about things–Pokemon, for instance–but their passion doesn’t make those things important in the least.

  14. Bob, It seems your theory is that it is not important enough for students to care about, and you can’t seem to understand why students would care about it more than an election.

    Student body elections, as many have known, for a long time, are a hoax. While you place your own peers up there, they accomplish little and have little actual power over University …well, anything. Which is why people don’t care. I can’t even think of the last time the FEDS did anything for me that was good, while I can definitely remember the last time ENGSOC or any of the faculty societies did something good.

    In this case, the logo actually affects all the students. Not like some phony ‘student government’

  15. What kind of tortured logic did you follow to come to the conclusion that “the logo actually affects all students”? Yeah, it affects you, in the same way the design of the Canadian flag affects you, which is to say, not at all.

    While the efficacy of what we do is debatable, no UW student could argue that what we do DOES NOT affect him or her in some way beyond the emotional (the financial, for example).

    And thus the reason to participate.

  16. Bob, any sort of marketing strategy (like the logo) affects who or what the marketing campaign is done for. You must be seriously delirious to think that marketing does not matter, and thus, the logo does not matter. It matters. How companies or organizations view the university impacts their opinion when selecting employees. But of course, the thought process is not something you can see.

    Honestly, the reason why FEDS elections lack participation is because you guys lack good advertising. The irony of it is, sure, I’ve seen posters around school that advertise the FEDS elections. Except nothing caught my eye so I never went to find out more about any of the candidates or even participated. Advertising doesn’t matter? Logos don’t matter? Lack of effort means lack of participation. You look at the Facebook group against the logos and you see videos, websites, etc all meant to ADVERTISE their cause. Even the university posted a video on Youtube to speak for their cause. Where are YOUR efforts? Whining and complaining about the student body won’t get them to care. Try something else.

  17. GIVE us a reason to participate.

  18. the first attempt at a new logo was quite miserable. The newer submission is more pleasant, but the student and alumni body should have been more involved right from the beginning. Unofficial polls like the one below are showing that the newer logo is being better received than the “laserbeam” logo:

    (this site is still open to votes regarding the logos)