Reports that rapper endorsed rape at Western -

Reports that rapper endorsed rape at Western

University apologizes but Classified says he won’t


Classified at Western @SpenyRandyBrown)

Canadian rapper Classified—hired as a safe-choice replacement for American rapper Sean Kingston, who was facing a charge of rape until last week—joked about rape during his performance on Saturday night at Western University, according to some on Twitter. This prompted apologies from the student’s council and the school but not the performer, who Tweeted that he didn’t endorse rape. What’s clear is that he endorsed other bad behaviours like drinking.

Here’s one of the critical Tweets:

The USC apologized swiftly. President Patrick Whelan said he did not hear the rape comment.

The University released astatement that stopped short of referencing sexual assault:

“The University Students’ Council (USC) and Western regret the actions of and commentary made by the artist Classified Saturday night on stage at the Orientation Week concert. Both groups felt the performance did not reflect the mission, values and messages of the Orientation Program.”

The rapper admitted to the jokes about substance use but not about sexual assault.

Many Tweeted in defence of the rapper and said his words were taken out of context.

This follows two other controversies where sexual assault was joked about during 2013 orientation week events. Last week a video went viral showing orientation leaders at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax shouting a cheer that included the words, “N… is for no consent.” It was quickly condemned and the student president resigned.

Meanwhile, commerce students at the University of British Columbia are being investigated over a rape-promoting chant, for which the Commerce Undergraduate Society has apologized.


Reports that rapper endorsed rape at Western

  1. What concerns me is that instead of responding to how his comments made people feel, he is choosing to defend himself as someone who does not condone those actions. Why not donate your take from the concert to help victims of assault? Make a firm statement that you truly do not condone those actions. What is sad, is that Classified is just an uneducated kid from the Maritimes and doesn’t understand certain words and ideas. His stupid brother is the same way. I’m glad they were dumb enough to say what they said because it furthers the conversation and it gives us a clear example of some people in the limelight who are demonstrating what is wrong in Canada as we can hold them accountable.