Western to open gender neutral washrooms


From the London Free Press:

 Ten gender-neutral washrooms are opening at the University of Western Ontario — a nod to the transgendered community on the campus.

“These bathrooms are single-stall bathrooms with a universal sign to provide safety and security for all individuals,” said Cara Eng, the student council’s vice-president of campus issues.

Eng spearheaded the move after going to the Canadian University Queer Service conference in Montreal.

“They’re not just for people who are transgendered or who are in transition (from one gender to another). They’re for anyone,” Eng said.

The bathrooms can also be used for students who want to breastfeed, those who need to wash before prayer or just would like privacy.

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Western to open gender neutral washrooms

  1. Did you find this while “Trolling for Instances of Insanity on Campus”? (this is the title of your blog, correct?) Do you think single-stall gender neutral washrooms are insane? This is what I’m forced to assume as per the title of your blog and your lack of any other commentary.

  2. This is far from an instance of insanity, this is a straightforward way to accommodate transgendered students and staff. I fail to see any insanity.

  3. Before anyone gets too violent with Carson here, I’d like to point out that the editorial descriptions of the blogs on this site are just that – editorial. I wouldn’t have called my own blog “Rybak’s Rules” of my own accord, and I still think it’s kinda pretentious. I don’t think everything Carson writes about is meant to come under the heading of instances of insanity, and I hope he’ll clarify the point shortly.

  4. I posted this item because I thought it was an interesting piece of university news, not because I thought it “insane.”

    My blog is also described as being: “On education and the irrationality of university politics”

    Found here: http://oncampus.macleans.ca/education/category/blogs/carson-jerema/

    It is a generic description to denote that though I sometimes comment on university politics, the bit about “on education” is intended to convey that this blog is focused on education and university topics more generally.

    Sorry to disappoint, but there is nothing in my posting this item that would suggest I find it insane.

  5. And if I wanted to convey that I found the story “insane” and didn’t have the time to comment, I would have at least wrote a snarky headline, but as you can see this is just a straight up communication of events. I thought it would be of interest to On Campus readers.

  6. Speaking for myself i have no problem with a “universal” washroom as a matter of fact its probably necessary, but I do believe it is a bit pretentious to assume people would use it to wash before prayer. Not to say that transgendered aren’t religious/spiritual beings, but the majority of those who Cara Eng refers to under that umbrella of pre-prayer washing or other religious activities would want nothing to do with these rooms whatsoever. That is just stating the facts.

    Also in an environment that is supposed to be promoting equality and tolerance for all, doesn’t it seem slightly ironic to set apart another bathroom facility for transgendered and then tie all these other functions to it as a way of seeming politically correct?

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