What a joke: Global News “exclusive” universities have research reactors


Danny Vacar, a McMaster University engineering student, has a good critique of Global News 16:9 story on Canada’s university campus nuclear research reactors. Needless to say, I agree with his assessment that Global is more interested in scaring people than informing them.

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What a joke: Global News “exclusive” universities have research reactors

  1. They were very shocked that the campus wasn’t a fortress of barbed wire, tall walls, armed guards and well positioned snipers ready to stop you.

    I had hopes for this show but what can you expect when it’s produced by someone who used to work at Fox.

  2. Explains the references to “College campuses” instead of the Canadian “University campuses”

    Reminds me of a similar “college reactors” segment done by ABCnews a few years ago. However, ABC’s did not have the fear mongering.

  3. It was an infuriatingly stupid story. You’d think watching it that The Simpsons is an accurate portrayal of the nuclear industry, and that the reactor is so fragile that it can be blown up by some random person off the street.

  4. 16:9 is a joke. The stuff they try to pass as investigative journalism is insulting. I’ve seen bits and parts of show weekly, and every week they tell us to fear something else. What’s it going to be next week? Wind? Ants? Red flowers?