Where’s Monte going?


David Akin of Canwest News Services says his sources are telling him that briefing papers are being made ready for a new minister federally in Human Resources. This means Monte Solberg may be moving – and I get a new minister to chase for answers – in an expect cabinet shuffle.

Solberg has done a decent job in his current portfolio – one of the larger departments – and is a capable politician.

At first, I dismissed the spectulation as typical capital rumour mill. However, I’ve noticed that Monte’s hasn’t been doing many photo-ops lately. Today, he handed a Parliament Hill photo-op off to his parliamentary assistant. Could this be related?

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Where’s Monte going?

  1. It’s worth noting that whenever there’s a rumour of a cabinet shuffle the civil service makes sure that orientation binders are up to date; so it’s an unreliable predictor.

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