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Which medical students get their residency of choice?

University of Ottawa tops the list

The demand to practice different medical specialties doesn’t always match the supply of placements. That’s where the Canadian Resident Matching Service (CARMS) comes in. Future doctors list their top-five specialties. Then CARMS finds the closest match.
The most recent results show that some schools’ students have a better chance of landing their dream spot than others. That doesn’t mean the schools at the top are necessarily better. Perhaps Queen’s students (the least likely to get their first pick) were hardest to match because the fewer of them want to practice family medicine (a lower-demand specialty). It’s hard to know.
What we do know for sure is that 99 per cent of doctors got their first or second choice. That said, we still thought you’d be curious about where each school stands. Here they are, listed with the percentage of students who got their first choice.
1. University of Ottawa 97.2
2. Memorial University 96.8
3. Dalhousie University 95.5
4. McMaster University 94.8
5. McGill University 94.6
6. University of British Columbia 94
7. University of Toronto 93.4
8. University of Western Ontario 93.4
9. University of Alberta 92.7
10. Northern Ontario Medical School 91.5
11. Université de Montreal 90.9
12. University of Manitoba 90.2
13. University of Calgary 90.2
14. Université Laval 89.5
15. International Schools 88.9.
16. Université de Sherbrooke 87.3
17. University of Saskatchewan 85.7
18. Queen’s University. 84.9

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Which medical students get their residency of choice?

  1. This does quite reflect how CaRMS works. Students applying for residency positions do not rank their “top-five” specialties and it’s fair to say that most do not rank anywhere close to five different disciplines. The results described above do not reflect applicants’ getting their top choice of discipline *and* location, but only discipline. Following the interview period, applicants to CaRMS submit a ranking of different programs in different locations. Most do indeed get their top-choice of discipline, but 20-40% do not get their first choice of location.

    It’s really a fairly scary process…