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Wi-Fi safe for students

Some parents still say its a health hazard


A report to be presented to Edmonton’s public school board concludes that Wi-Fi networks in schools are not a health hazard for students. “We take our lead from the World Health Organization and Health Canada — they deem it (Wi-Fi) to be safe,” a representative of the board told the Edmonton Journal. The report comes after complaints were filed with the superintendent’s office by a group of parents concerned that having Wi-Fi networks contributes to health problems. Objections to Wi-Fi have surfaced all over Canada, and a school in Meadford Ontario has officially banned using the networks. A House of Commons committee has also deemed Wi-Fi safe.

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Wi-Fi safe for students

  1. Let’s face it, there are also people out there who swear they’ve seen Elvis, that the moon landing is fake and that the government is trying to read their minds. Some folks will just believe what they want to believe.

    These same groups of parents don’t think twice about having little Bobby or Becky irradiate their brains with signals from their cell phones, or letting them sit in front of the TV for hours on end, playing video games.

  2. Are they claiming that wi-fi causes autism?

  3. Why are these tinfoil hat nutters allowed to influence policy at all?

    It seems that mass ignorance is the new religion in this country.

  4. Health Canada says MRI and cat scans are safe too. Canada still sells mines and sells asbestos. Health Canada says there is no problem with the mercury used in dental fillings. Health Canada says there is no problems with cell phones – BUT EVERY CELL PHONES OWNERS MANUAL including the iPhone states DON”T KEEP A PHONE IN YOUR POCKET. ( Where is all the prostate cancer coming from?) The cell phone and computer industry has no insurance for the health effects from wireless technology. What does the insurance companies know? CSA will not certify that the microwave radiation from a WiFi base station is safe because they can’t get insurance for that. Every person that works for CSA has an ethernet connection at their desk. The health departments of switzerland ( where the WHO is based ) suggest not to use WiFi in school. These parents are doing their research beyond what Industry Canada is telling Health Canada to say – and are looking at what other countries cell phone manufacturers and safety corporations are saying.