Wilfrid Laurier – Fresh Food Company

Thank goodness for ketchup. A wholly pitiful experience



Upon walking into the Wilfred Laurier cafeteria, we were greeted with a freshly painted and clean room, welcoming with booths and windows and soft lighting that gave a feeling of home. The mood didn’t last. The dining hall closes at the ultra inconvenient hour of 6 p.m. on Sundays. Our arrival at 5:30 may, therefore, account for our pitiful experience.

At this time of the day, there was little choice. Even the lettuce had left the salad bar with only soupy pasta salad remaining, plus a few vegetables swimming in water. Apples and oranges complete with brown spots and old complexion also deserved a pass. The roast beef, despite its pinkinsh hue, was lukewarm and devoid of moisture; accompanying corn and carrots tasted like they had been microwaved hours earlier. The chef cutting our portions didn’t even acknowledge our thank-yous.

Onto to the grill. For some reason I thought it would be prudent to try the soya burger. It was apparently the last one they had, as they promptly removed it from the menu after I ordered. Now one shouldn’t expect a soy burger to be full of juices (that is a byproduct of eating a real burger), but this had little flavour—a fact heightened by the enormous bun that rendered the patty almost unnoticeable to my pallet. A further contribution was made by a rubbery and brown lettuce. Thank goodness for ketchup.

The sandwich bar was more appealing, with a variety of meats (ham, beef, turkey) and an assortment (though limited) of vegetables. The popular stir fry station offered a vibrant meal, served up by someone who appeared to be the only cook on staff not annoyed that dinner-hour students were interrupting cleaning duties.

But these stations, along with the relatively affordable cost, were the only redeeming qualities that night at Fresh Food Company.

Dessert also got a failing grade. The chocolate cake was soggy, crumbly and the icing tasted like sweetened whipped butter, more suitable for topping pancakes than cake. Finishing shortly after 6:00, we were happy to leave. As we did, hungry students were still entering the cafeteria, only to learn that, tonight, there would be no supper for them.



Wilfrid Laurier – Fresh Food Company

  1. Whoa, you mean a restaurant doesnt serve it’s best food right before it closes on sunday night? I am both shocked and appalled!

  2. Yes but why is it closing at 5:30pm in the first place? That’s really catering to the student population, they aren’t 65+ and trying to get an early bird special for dinner. As a WLU student for the last 2 years, I refused to spend my money at that dining hall. Horrible, overpriced food with little choice and unfriendly service. On top of that, the OneCard places the bulk of your meal plan money in an account that only works at the dining hall. Frustrating to say the least.

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  4. I agree entirely with this article. I basically don’t eat on Sundays, as it closes so early i have to put everything on hold (sunday night homework) and make sure i get to the dining hall early enough to eat ….a sandwich? This wouldn’t be so inconvenient if it weren’t for the way our meal plan is structured. The most part of our money is weighted in Prime dollars, which can only be used at the dining hall. This dining hall should be considered a service, rather than a business as the campus has a high volume of first year students in residence.

  5. Ha. Ohh the dining hall. Where money goes to die.

    They are still taking money away from first year students to add to their coffers (meal plan levy) despite the last major reno’s taking place in 2001 (although they may have done something in 2005).

    The food is garbage, and they are a subsidized business on campus.

    I have to say though, what was this reviewer expecting? You show up 30 minutes before a food place closes and the service and food quality is always going to be lousy (almost always).

  6. The Dining Hall will make you insane. They pinch pennies wherever possible. Not a fun experience at all.

  7. 7pm through the week as well. I’d never eaten dinner before 7 in my parents house in my life. It is ridiculous. Bad food that we are forced to eat.

  8. The dining hall starts closing half an hour before it “officially” closes, they just leave the grill and drinks open for the last half hour. Also, it closes at 7:30 p.m. on weekdays.

    Regardless, you get a soy burger and the remains of a cake that has been sitting out all day and expect it to taste good? Are you crazy?