Will Canada’s largest student union join the CFS?

AMS attends CFS conference.


This week, according to sources, a delegation lead by UBC AMS vp external Stefanie Ratjen is attending the Canadian Federation of Students general meeting in Ottawa.

Considering the AMS recently left CASA, this could be the first step towards CFS membership for Canada’s largest student union.


Will Canada’s largest student union join the CFS?

  1. I gather we can all expect the pyjama smear-bloggers to shift into high gear, now. “CFS is the devil!” Or something like that … ?

  2. Isn’t this the same person that decried CASA a couple of weeks ago for changing their easy out policy and having too much staff interference? Isn’t it ironic that they’re looking at going a group that’s worse on both fronts?

    I mean, looking at SFU, trying to get out of CFS is like trying to get pee out of a swimming pool, and CFS staff are the ones that really run the show.

  3. Let’s be clear here – the AMS is not formally considering joining the CFS. The perspective that VP External Stef Ratjen has brought to the position, however, has been to work with student unions across the province and across the country on commonly agreeable issues. She has avoided getting caught up in the all too easy game of demonizing a particular portion of the student movement because in most instances, it’s completely unnecessary. The AMS has worked successfully with a variety of student unions, no matter their affiliations, and will continue to do so. I can understand the sentiments presented in this article given the optics of the situation, but it’s still entirely premature for such speculation.

  4. Bahahaaa.

    so much for “sending a signal” to CASA with the membership downgrade and “evaluating” again. This seems pretty clear. AMS council needs to be critical and make sure it’s not being led by the nose.

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