Windsor closes campus pub


The University of Windsor student pub is shutting down after losing it’s operating subsidy.

This is a smart move. The modern campus is always short of good student space and funding for real student services. Hopefully, the USWA turns the space into something that all students can enjoy and the money previously wasted on the campus pub will flow into student services.

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Windsor closes campus pub

  1. Something about subsidizing alcohol consumption on a University campus just doesn’t sit well with me. Being an engineer, I’m all for consuming alcohol, but I don’t think student fees should be going towards making it too cheap to care. I don’t know if UWindsor’s pub did that, but Brandon’s certainly does…

    The UManitoba’s Wiseguys bar may not be student subsidized, but I can’t help but feel that we would better off were it shut down anyway. That place has gone so far downhill. Remember the 5 dollar sud, spud, and steak special, Joey? Well, after increasing to 5.50, and then 7 dollars (!!), they got rid of it altogether. Remember the nachos that you could order with either beef or real chicken? Well, they got rid of the beef, and instead of real chicken, you get it with cut up pieces of chicken fingers. Yummy.

    And then there’s the pint-glasses-that-aren’t-really-pint-glasses. Check out the Red Lion’s expose on page 7 of the November 2007 issue:


  2. The idea of student associations operating businesses has to be based on some kind of argument. I would suggest that this argument must almost always run in the following way:

    – it has to provide a service that many students would likely use and go off campus if it wasn’t provided on campus (e.g. convenience store, cafe/restaurant/bar, printing, bookstore, etc.)

    – it has to provide some kind of advantage to the student association and its members over the external (non-student run businesses). E.g.: either the price of the goods/services is cheaper than the price of the equivalent if the student-run business didn’t exist (this notably happens if the student-run business breaks the “monopoly” of another business on a campus isolated from the downtown area of a city), or profits (if any) must be reinvested in other services useful to students, or in the case of a cafe/bar for example, it provides a venue for events that would need to be rented otherwise.

    – the cost of subsidizing the business/service (if it doesn’t sustain itself / make profit) should be, as judged by the membership, to be worth the advantages presented above.

  3. It’s too bad to hear that Wise Guys is getting worse. I often grabbed something to eat their during my time on campus. I thought the food was alright. Mind you, I was comparing it to Pembina Hall.

    I’m a firm believer that campus pubs and food establishments should not compromise quality in order to keep prices down. I won’t pay good money for bad food, no matter the cost. If I were going to do that, then I buy Mr. Noodles of Kraft Dinner to really save money.

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