Women’s hockey cut at SMU

University is expected to save $120,000


Saint Mary’s University is cutting its women’s hockey program, the university announced today. The move is expected to save the institution $120, 000, and was part of “part of a package of recommendations” that arose through budget consultations. In a media release, Athletics and Recreation Director, Steve Sarty, said that the players and coaches had been informed. “I know the news has saddened them and, no doubt, it is upsetting,” he said. All departments are being asked to reduce their budgets. The university was considering reducing funding for all teams, but reasoned that would “put all teams at a competitive disadvantage.”

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Women’s hockey cut at SMU

  1. I have just read the news pertaining to the decision to cut the Women’s Hockey program at SMU. My daughter, Katie Rampp, is a straight A, grade 7 student who has been playing hockey for several years now. My daughter plays goalie on the Jr. Belleville Bulls PeeWee Major team (lone girl) and has recently been working with Belleville Bulls goalie coach, Sebastien Farrese, as well. She has huge aspirations in the game and has already started investigating her academic pathway that combines both academic rigour and athletics (hockey at a competitive level). St. Marys was one of the schools on our list and we are aware one of our beloved former Belleville Bulls, Cory Tanaka, chose to attend St. Marys.

    As you know, girls as so passionate about hockey and it is truly growing on an exponential basis. It truly is an unbelievable decision to shut down the Women’s hockey program at SMU in a climate where, in municipalities large and small, women’s hockey is growing like wildfire. Elite female athletes are continuing to develop. My daughter excels in the net.

    I truly hope SMU decides to change up this decision as it is counter-intuitive with the academic and athletic pathways that girls are already planning. Other universities will be selected by legions of females if this type of attitude prevails.

    Remember the seed never gets to see the flower and elite female athletes are blooming all over.

  2. The decision to shut out the Saint Mary’s female hockey team is shortsighted, uncreative, but mostly discriminatory and sexist. Steve Sarty, director of SMU’s sport’s programs, says this is merely a financial decision. Clearly some individuals have short memories. Fighting to get females into sports traditionally reserved for boys and men is a relatively recent battle. If the female team was not bringing in as much revenue as say, the male hockey team, that does not give the university the moral right to cut it. Just as we need to support minorities in education, we need to allow females the same access to sport as their male peers. So, if SMU would like to cut both the male and female hockey teams, which would be a huge savings, by the way, then it would not be sexist. Right now, where I see it, it is nothing but.

  3. The decision to cut Women’s Hockey is simply easiest solution but in no way the best decision. The symbolism involved is horrible. They’re building an addition to the Athletics complex which doesn’t appear to have much function to anything other than to spend Richard Homburgs money before he takes his donation back. So in light of spending however much money on that they’re cutting an entire team over what? 120 grand? Really? Really?

    I’m sure if you look around the athletics department at any university you’ll find at least 60-70 grand that is being wasted on two people doing the jobs that one person could do, or buying food and drink to entertain a group of alumni that you want to keep happy. This decision makes next to nobody happy.

    That said obviously all of these people who are complaining about this decision were nowhere to be seen when these girls are playing in an empty rink. Perhaps all of the people who “support” women’s hockey without actually supporting it you put their facebook accounts away and actually go and watch the games and buy the hotdogs and pledge to the teams fundraisers rather than whining about decisions after the fact… It may be too late now and it’s really quite sad.

    I hope the happenings of the past couple days can be undone and a feasible solution can be found.

  4. I believe it is time for government to legislate equallity by ensuring the same money put into a male program is put into a female program and the university should publish the budget for the male hockey team including scholarships

  5. So let’s see. . .

    The Athletic Director cuts a sports team; without any consultation with the players, or other athletes, or alumni, or students, or parents, or community?

    If I understand the stories, he tells the coach 30 minutes before he tells the students? What about those students who gave up other choices to come here? What about sitting down with the student-athletes and telling them the objective and letting them know that he wants to keep all the teams, and have the students come up with ways to make this happen?

    Where is the leadership????

    If I am a high school player in ANY sport, SMU is now off the list, why? They cannot live up to their committment. How sad for the school, and broader community that such a poor decision was made. There is still time to change this, question is, “is there leadership somewhere within SMU to step up?” We shall see if SMU keeps this decision, thereby confirming they are a second rate university. The school will never recover from this if this decision stands.

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