York back-to-work legislation: Day 2

Minister calls for speedy passage; NDP continues to delay


The New Democrats say they won’t agree to a marathon debate in the Ontario legislature that could see legislation aimed at ending a long strike at York University passed more quickly.

The Liberal government says it’s willing to debate the back-to-work bill until midnight at the Opposition’s request, but the NDP says it will oppose a night sitting.

NDP Leader Howard Hampton says he’s not playing games by refusing to go along with the legislation.

He says he wants to debate the bill because Ontarians need to know about the chronic underfunding of the province’s universities and colleges.

The Progressive Conservatives slammed the Liberals in the legislature for failing to take action sooner to help end the 12-week strike.

With the premier absent from the legislature, it was up to Colleges and Universities Minister John Milloy to call on all parties to pass the back-to-work legislation quickly.

The Liberals and Progressive Conservatives had hoped for speedy passage over the weekend but the New Democrats voted against the bill.

The strike has kept about 50,000 York students out of classes since early November, but about 5,000 students have been allowed to return under a special deal with the university.

The government says it’s unlikely students will return to school this week unless the New Democrats have a change of heart.

The Liberals say Thursday is the earliest the legislation could be passed – so the school likely won’t reopen before Feb. 2.

— The Canadian Press


York back-to-work legislation: Day 2

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  2. The most ridiculous thing about all this – are you ready?
    Even though 5000 students were allowed to go back through a “special” deal, they will still require York Main credits (aka credits from classes that are STILL on strike) to finish their year.
    Fun, isn’t it?

  3. Everyone should be back at work so pass the legislation. However what is critical is how the issues of this strike will be resolved. The positions of the University and the Union need to be heard and a resolution proposed. The length of the settlement is critical but will likely be one year to give everyone a time to cool off.

    It is nonsence to have tweinty five issues still on the table. The Union needs to get their concerns down to what can be negotiated.

    The University needs to retain those part staff that they need and have a chance to be hired on the full time staff. The rest should be informed that it is highly unlikely that they will ever be hired full time. You are not being honest with your employeess by keeping them around for fifteen yeats.

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