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York strikers end sit-in

Leave for Christmas vacation


The CUPE 3903 sit-in at the offices of the York University president ended Friday afternoon.

With this, the Christmas break is underway at York University. I’m not expecting the positions of the two sides to move closer during the break.

What will be interesting to see is if CUPE forms a picket line in January or continues its new tactics.


York strikers end sit-in

  1. Lack of dedication I tell you! If they’re striking, they should strike through to January and not take a break.

  2. Public institutions like universities do not operate during holidays, hence, like schoolteachers or others, picketlines aare not held at times in which we would not be labouring anyhow.
    Strike to win.

  3. Yeah, makes sense. How ’bout you just stay at home after the holidays too?